5 Reasons Why I Don't Think It's A Shame To Cover Up Your "Natural Beauty"
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5 Reasons Why I Don't Think It's A Shame To Cover Up Your "Natural Beauty"

Makeup Is Okay By Me

5 Reasons Why I Don't Think It's A Shame To Cover Up Your "Natural Beauty"

I know that there's definitely been a movement of people calling for acceptance of our bodies and faces and all sorts of things, but for my entire life I haven't totally loved my looks at all times (no duh - we've all been there, I'm sure). Sometimes there are days where my acne is too noticeable or a pimple will decide it's time to ruin my life. Sometimes there are days where my eyes don't look especially beautifully and my eyebrows are nonexistent. Sometimes there are days where my dark circles have reached ridiculous levels and I just want to have sparkles plastered to my eyelids and cheekbones. I don't know about y'all, but sometimes I am just plain unhappy with my "natural look." And yes, I do have the occasional day when I'm super excited about how I look without makeup, but no matter the case, I've loved wearing makeup ever since I tried (and failed miserably) to wear eyeliner in the seventh grade. So, here are just a few reasons that I continue to enjoy makeup:

1) It takes away from some of the features I don't like on my face. I've been super self-conscious of my nose for all of my life, so whenever I apply a winged eyeliner just right or wear a dark and dramatic lipstick, I feel like it focuses the attention to areas of my face that I specifically chose, rather than to areas of my face I wish I could hide. It seems to me that people pay less attention to areas of my face that make me feel just a little bit awful and more attention to the amazing job I'd done with my eyeliner.

2) Covering up blemishes is a blessing!

I have dealt with acne since eighth grade and let me tell you, my pimples don't seem to show any signs of stopping. I have tried everything in the book for my skin, believe me, but the pimples just keep on coming. So to be able to hide some of those blemishes, or even the scars left behind because of them, makes me feel tons better when leaving my house. I like covering those pimples because too often do people pay attention to my acne rather than to me. So cover up is definitely a plus in my book.

3) I'm kind of in love with contouring.

Not to say the shape of my face is perfect (it isn't), but boy do I have fun carving out my cheekbones and jawline. This is a step I save for super special occasions, but I'm 100% always down to apply some highlight to my cheeks and the tip of my nose. I can't get over the glow. Like, highlight is life.

4) Makeup adds a little something extra.

Over the past year, I think I've definitely learned to accept my face a lot more than I could while I was in high school. While this acceptance is wonderful and I enjoy having a makeup free face every once in a while, I do have to say that I absolutely enjoy having defined browns and longer lashes, too. I am not exactly a natural beauty, so being able to add color and definition to things like my eyebrows and eyelashes makes me feel that much more confident in public AND it only takes a couple of minutes to do.

5) Lastly, makeup is fun!

I know people have taken issue with makeup being applied so heavily that sometimes it can act more as a mask rather than an enhancer, but who gives a darn? I mean seriously, with all the makeup out there, it's ridiculous that people would assume that makeup isn't even just the teensiest bit fun. Ever since I was little, and still to this day, I have enjoyed trying out different looks just in the privacy of my own room because it's a good time. Half the time I wear makeup, it's just me, myself, and I hanging around my bedroom and trying out new looks because I'm bored. I've loved applying makeup on friends for the heck of it (it's super calming honestly) and I can guarantee that even the most macho of men are probably curious to know what they look like with eyeliner on. I think makeup can be for everyone and I think it's a really good time. Some people don't like makeup, and that's okay, too, of course, but whether makeup makes you feel more confident or is just fun to put on or is a thing reserved for special occasions, I think everyone should give makeup a try. So, for those of you who, like me, wear makeup almost every day, have fun with it and enjoy you for you - makeup and all!

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