The Makeup Debate
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The Makeup Debate

Whether your eyebrows are on fleek or not, it shouldn't dictate your love life.

The Makeup Debate

Recently there have been debates over the issue of wearing makeup or staying natural. There are people who argue that women don’t need makeup, then there are people who state that makeup is an art form and that women (and men) are entitled to do whatever they want to their faces. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are insecure. There are people who genuinely love doing makeup; it can be a stress reliever or just a hobby. Ultimately, whatever you decide to do is up to you and it's no one else’s business.

Lately I’ve been hearing and recognizing how much people rely on outer beauty for things. I’ll hear people say, "Well, maybe if she dressed up more or tried she would have a boyfriend." Or even things like you should look dolled up in general so you can find the love of your life. I agree to a certain extent that you should look your best for certain occasions but to make someone think that they need to wear makeup for every single occasion or that make up will help them find the love of their lives, is just not cool.

People will do whatever they want to do; it doesn’t matter who is giving advice or stating these things. Ultimately, it’s the person’s choice. For those out there that claim you are doing it for the person’s own good, that’s fine but don’t degrade them in the process of building up their confidence. Some people love not wearing makeup and don’t plan on wearing it anytime soon! Some love makeup because it empowers them or it's just something they enjoy experimenting with. EITHER WAY makeup should not impact how you find the love of your life.

I’d like to think that there are good, genuine people out there and that not everyone bases their relationship off looks. My point is just because society says or believes something is beautiful, doesn’t mean that everyone will think or believe the same thing. People like what they like and that’s their choice. Different people like different things. Sure, there are people out there who love girls or even guys that get dolled up and have a lot of make up on, but then there are people who like a natural, laid back look. It’s simply different preferences.

Don’t put even more pressure on young girls (even boys) and women to look perfect and to the T on a regular basis. People are not perfect. We all have flaws and imperfections. Sometimes those little things that annoy you about your own body or face are the simple things that make you attractive to others. We all need to stop putting pressure on each other to look or be perfect. If you genuinely love wearing makeup, do it. If you don’t care for it, that’s fine as well! We should all work to better ourselves, mental health wise and inner beauty as well. It’s okay if you have a zit, it's human nature! It’s okay to have body rolls, it’s skin! We need to realize and spread the message to young girls and boys that you do not need to be something else or be perfect to be liked. We’re flawless in our own ways. Own it. Those things separate you from others. The love of your life will love you when you are dolled up but also love you when in sweats and a messy hair bun. Either way, own it.

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