How 'Makeup Addiction' Became A LEGENDARY Reddit Community
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How 'Makeup Addiction' Became A LEGENDARY Subreddit Community With 2 Million Members

If you are a makeup enthusiast and want to be a part of a community, here's everything you need to know about one of the most popular makeup Reddit.

How 'Makeup Addiction' Became A LEGENDARY Subreddit Community With 2 Million Members

The Makeup Addiction subreddit was founded in 2010 by user "G3m", also known as Gemma, and has grown to be one of the largest makeup Reddit communities with over 2 million members.

Although the subreddit welcomes almost any user, the intended demographic of members consist of individuals who are interested in the art of makeup, are willing to adhere to the community rules and guidelines and those who want to post and interact appropriately with makeup related content.

Makeup Addiction is tailored to display digital makeup content in pictures, videos, discussions, tutorials, and more.

Through the meticulous structure of the Makeup Addiction subreddit, members are encouraged to participate in weekly activities, discussions and specifically scheduled content days that inspire creativity and promote member to member communication.

The overall purpose of Makeup Addiction subreddit is to provide a platform for individuals, with a common interest in makeup, to be a part of a community where they can both teach and learn about the art of makeup and its expressive qualities.

The Makeup Addiction subreddit is organized in a manner that clearly displays rules, new member guides, site feature information and an overview of content schedules which allows new or returning members the opportunity to become increasingly involved with the community without confusion or technological obstacles.

This framework is crucial to the success and integrity of the community due to three main aspects.

Those are 1) rules and regulations that are overseen by moderators, 2) a weekly schedule that promotes or censors themed content and 3) discussion boards that categorize member content into different divisions.

In welcoming any user that wishes to join the subreddit, it can be assumed that the Makeup Addiction community risks random outsider content, comments, and interactions, but arrangements within the community's algorithm have been made to ensure that only positive makeup related comments and content ever become published.

The subreddit preserves its community's purpose with 26 moderators actively filtering and approving all content before its publication on the community site.

The moderators that work to safeguard the integrity of the community abide by rules and standards that are made available, via the homepage of the subreddit, to all members of Makeup Addiction.

There are ten rules that moderators and members must abide by in their posts, interactions, and their participation on the subreddit which, when analyzed, provide insight on the censored interactions that allow for a healthy communicative environment within the Makeup Addiction community.

Out of the ten rules that guide members of the Makeup Addiction subreddit, three of them work to convey the true ideologies behind the subreddit while providing context to the interactions and new forming communicative genres that are being built within the community.

The first rule is, "Be kind and supportive. No harassment/bigotry," (r/MakeupAddiction).

This rule does not solely encompass negative feedback or inappropriate commentary but involves five sub-rules that must be followed to prevent a violation of this content regulation.

A member's content must not; personally attack someone else, involve criticism on someone else's appearance, use photos of someone else without permission, involve gendered slurs, and most importantly members must not respond or retaliate to individuals who have violated any rules.

If a member violates rules of the community, they risk being banned from Makeup Addiction indefinitely.

The second rule, "No photo editing," (r/MakeupAddiction), regards restrictions on images that members are allowed to post. Photos are removed from the Makeup Addiction subreddit if they involve; photoshopped aspects that elicit unrealistic beauty standards, beauty filters and background editing.

This regulation is overseen by moderators who judge and analyze photos to determine if they have been modified from the original photograph. By placing a heavy restriction on photo modifications, the Makeup Addiction subreddit shows a high value on natural beauty and talent when it comes to makeup, ultimately providing a platform that is free of unrealistic makeup, beauty and content standards.

The fourth rule, "All photos must showcase the makeup clearly and be properly cropped," (r/MakeupAddiction), provides a quality standard to the illustrative content that members have permission to showcase.

This regulation alters the way in which members create their content due to standards that involve; properly cropped images, resolution quality that allows for clear analyzation of makeup, images that focus on makeup rather than fashion or surrounding objects, good lighting in photographs and the restriction of selfie angles that accentuate certain facial features instead of makeup.

This rule administers specific principles that not only bans images that do not correlate with makeup and quality guidelines, but standards that help to inspire members to create content that surpasses a mere image of makeup.

The community has a weekly schedule that is displayed on the homepage of the communities' subreddit that provides a guide to upcoming digital activities, regulations for certain days of the week, contests and any weekly updates for members.

The current weekly schedule consists of a:

  • Monday meet and greet, which allows members and moderators to introduce themselves
  • Tuesday regulation that bans posting images
  • "Watch it Wednesday," which designates the only day of the week that allows videos
  • A new makeup contest theme and update every Thursday
  • A "Friday Faves" where members can post and discuss their favorite products (excluding face pictures)
  • Lastly "Shit post Saturday," where members are prompted to publish their favorite makeup memes.

This weekly schedule, although seemingly restrictive, allows true members the opportunity to become involved and recognized by simply following each days' standard protocol.

The inclusion of such a clear-cut schedule provides a personalized atmosphere where members can consistently look forward to their involvement in activities without feeling as though they are (literally) one in two million.

Being a member of a community that has a population of two million individuals elicits a feeling that one's content and individuality may not get recognized, but through activities like the "Monday Meet and Greet," members are able to identify themselves and actively participate in conversations with others who share similar interests.

The latest meet and greet on the Makeup Addiction subreddit displayed the prompt, "Use this thread to talk about life, the universe, and everything.

Discussions need not stay on-topic. Make some friends! Tell us how your life is going," (r/MakeupAddiction).

This discussion board, unlike the many regulations that surround the subreddits' content and commentary, provides an open-ended question that invites members into a more informal and conversational environment.

New or returning members use the meet and greet platform to discuss makeup related inquiries while befriending each other at the same time, this is due to the intimate quality that members feel when posting on this discussion board.

A new member of the Makeup Addiction subreddit whose username is, "FyndyJu," introduced herself as Krystle, a 35-year-old woman from Canada who sought advice on hooded eye makeup and a foundation that could conceal wrinkles and acne.

Krystle's diction, like all other comments within the discussion, consisted of informal words and phrases such as "fave" or "tbh," which are notoriously used within personal or friendly conversations.

The inviting and informal tone of Krystle's post was directly influenced by the moderators welcoming prompt that conveyed mirroring casual language.

Under Krystle's initial post, the user "EscapeArtistic" replied with the same use of spontaneous and conversational language, beginning with, "34 over here - amen to the changes with age," (r/MakeupAddiction).

"EscapeArtistic" explained that she has been a member of the Makeup Addiction subreddit long enough to receive advice regarding similar concerns and went on to provide the insight that she had previously received herself.

The conversation between new user, "FyndyJu" and returning user, "EscapeArtistic" displays the relaxed dynamic that the weekly meet and greet creates between individuals who want to digitally communicate as if they were face-to-face.

From moderators to members, the demographic in this community is very diverse in age, gender, and background.

The discussion boards created by moderators are specifically devised to bring individuals together, highlight new subreddit members, and allow for individuals to feature their unique identities through casual conversation.

When a member posts a question, comments on a discussion, or socially interacts through the community, their Reddit username is displayed along with their content, making general communication more personal between members.

The Makeup Addiction community has eight specifically categorized discussion boards, Face Of The Day (FOTD), Haul, Question, Discussion, Halloween, Organization, PSA, and Swatches.

The eight community discussions allow for overall easy user experience, not only allowing members to post and be recognized within the category that fits their content, but to also separate different forms of communication that range from professional to personal conversations and commentaries.

In order to display how the structure of the platform alters styles of communication, two distinctly contrasting boards, "Face Of The Day" and "Discussion," will be analyzed.

The "Face Of The Day" (FOTD) discussion board provides a sub-platform in which members post digital images, with optional commentary, of a makeup look they want to display.

This board has a more formal appeal, as each picture must abide by the Makeup Addictions' photograph guidelines by being free of alterations, cropped correctly, and displaying a clear quality image that emphasizes the applied makeup.

When a member filters the subreddit page to only display the FOTD board, there is a timeline of multiple posts that include sample-sized images of the content with the associated comment to the right.

Upon analyzing various "Face Of The Day" photos, the image quality and crop ratio of most photographs have mirroring elements that create an aesthetic feed within the subreddit.

Although members are given free rein over the formality of their initial leading comment, each FOTD post is followed by a clear listing of each product combination that went into creating the makeup look.

The standard that the Makeup Addiction subreddit imposes on members who want to post within the FOTD board ensures that a formal organization of products and their usage follows the image content.

The FOTD board provides members with a platform in which they can teach and learn new makeup ideas without confusion or nebulous content.

The board labeled "Discussion" is meant for members to post make-up related questions, statements, comments and opinions. This sub-platform allows the use of informal language, as its intent regards communication between beauty enthusiasts.

The content posted within the timeline of the "Discussion" board mainly consists of questions or controversial makeup topics. The members who participate in the thread do not have to abide by many standards, other than the harassment and constructive criticism regulations, so the conversations have a more personal and unofficial presence within the subreddit.

Some discussion posts concern, "Questions from a 13-year-old female," "Makeup trends specifically eye shadow," and "An Ode to Stick Concealer," (r/MakeupAddiction).

Many of the boards' content headlines involve either, a member asking for direct makeup advice or a member demonstrating their creativity through the art of makeup.

This "Discussion" board contrasts the "Face Of The Day" board, in that the rules, objectives, and prompts, directly provided by the moderators of Makeup Addiction, vary in their formality, conversational appeal and creative guidelines.

Although the general purpose and open acceptance policy of the subreddit may illustrate the platform to be a broad social network where a members' content and voice have the ability to be easily erased and ultimately lost with time, the Makeup Addiction community has been systematically organized to prevent just that.

Members who actively participate within the subreddit are writers, despite the subject at hand or medium they employ to convey their ideas.

The Makeup Addiction subreddit is a platform where insights are made, shared, and developed through the ideas and discussion of members.

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