Make yourself uncomfortable and educate yourself...

As finals week comes to wraps, we all are quickly turning in assignments, projects and taking our final exams. But, something that we don't talk about, is sometimes how much we learned over the course of the year / semester /quarter. I have spoke about this class SO any times on my weekly article(s), but it was something that not only changed my perspective on a lot of things, but it opened my mind to remembering policies brought on by the political system, and how we the people have a lot of power in changing those things.

I learned how sometimes using the term "intersectional" is not always the right way to be inclusive to all, and exclude none. Intersectional was, and still is, a term coined for those whom could bundle all oppressed groups into one "group" and sort of say "well if it's intersectional then that's cool with me", but slightly ignoring the actual groups within that "intersectional group" that are being oppressed. I'm not saying this word cannot be used in the correct way, but it must be in a way that is inclusive, not putting all oppressed groups into one pot. It is about recognition, visibility, and open eyes. This class also introduced me to a renown poet, writer and feminist, public speaker etc. (the list could go on in my opinion)…Audre Lorde. Another writer I have spoken about within my weekly articles, but someone who was so influential to the LQBTQ+ community, the black lesbian community, and the black rights community as well.

So what exactly is this article about? It's about remembering- sometimes college is a place to experiment…and I don't necessarily mean with one another (but that's cool too), I just mean experimenting with what's on the outside of your "bubble". Do something that makes you uncomfortable…take a class on feminism if you're a person who believes in the current way society is working (or if you're that one girl that wrote for the Odyssey about how women are basically mules to men). Take a class on sexuality if you identify as a cisgender white person! Educate yourself for not only you, but those that are different from you in your community! Take a class on race because you want to be a good ALLY, friend, family member, partner, or sibling to POC's. Expand your perspective!

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