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Wherever Your Odyssey May Lead You, You Owe It To Yourself To Make It Count

This is the journey where you get to discover who you are, who you were meant to become, and what exactly you are capable of - you deserve to see this Odyssey through wherever it may lead.

Wherever Your Odyssey May Lead You, You Owe It To Yourself To Make It Count
Amanda Holt

When we hear "the Odyssey", most people are instantly reminded of Homer's epic poem. A story filled with adventures, mistakes, and tests that revolve around the life of Odysseus as he finds his way home to his family after the Fall of Troy.

But the word odyssey can be defined as either a "long wandering usually marked by many changes of fortune" or "an intellectual wandering or spiritual quest."

And while that definitely describes Odysseus's journey, we'd all be lying if we said we weren't treading our own intellectual or spiritual quest.

We're all wrestling with unanswered questions, missed opportunities, and various challenges that help us grow, that help us find our way home.

Now, our odysseys all look a little different from each other because, in different seasons of our lives, we all have our very own unique perspective.

A season of waiting to me is a season of conditioning for the next season to someone else. My waiting becomes more intentional when I learn about the opportunity to prepare and their season turns into anticipation for the next season.

We can learn from each other on our journey.

But sometimes, when you're fortunate, your paths will cross with people in the same place as you with their very own unique perspective. You can compare notes and learn from their experience, but the honest truth is that you can't compare your odyssey to their odyssey, because ultimately, your timeline will look a lot different.

My season of waiting might take longer than my friend's season of conditioning. It doesn't mean I'm falling behind nor does it mean that they didn't deserve the blessings coming to them. And just because you might be in different places, it doesn't mean you can't lean on each other for support. It doesn't mean you can't learn from sharing each other's perspective.

I'm thankful to Odyssey for not only creating a platform for me to document my journey but helping me cross paths with others wandering their paths. All of us in various different places in our journey. The GCU Odyssey community has introduced me to the most courageous and able writers that I have ever met. Writers who encourage and support one another. Writers who began as strangers and are continuing on as friends.

And so to my friends continuing on in their adventure, my advice to you is this, find your voice and use it wisely. Follow where your odyssey leads you and make it count because this journey will teach you more about yourself, your character, and your capabilities.

You deserve to discover who you are. So, wherever you are in your Odyssey, take it all in.

If you're in a rough season, persevere.

If you're in a flourishing season, soak it up.

The point is, you have to make each step count because you owe it to yourself to discover and become the wonderful, incredible person that God created you to be.

Write as much as you can down because you're not going to want to forget the lessons you've learned and you are definitely going to want to share it with the people you will meet.

Know that just because one chapter closes doesn't mean the story is over.

It's just leading you into a whole new chapter because your story has only just begun.

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