To My Parents As I Make My Way Down The Avenue

Waiting. It's a word that most of us hate to hear and can be quite a nuisance. In a sense, we are always waiting for something to happen. When we are four, we can't wait to go to school. When we are ten, we can't wait to get a cell phone. When we are 13, we can't wait to drive, and when we are seniors in high school, we can't wait to graduate and go to college.

The day that I was accepted into Saint Mary's College, my life changed. I had been having a rough time at school and was often tired and grumpy from other responsibilities such as work and after school activities. My mom picked me up from tutoring grade school children in Math and English and my head was pounding. I snapped at my mom the whole way home and was actually close to tears (as pathetic as that sounds) from a rough Monday. When we arrived home, I saw on the kitchen counter a humongous envelope. My eyes bulged and my hands shook as I carefully tore open the seal. My mom joked, "maybe it's just a huge rejection letter." I laughed nervously and began to read. What I read not only made those anticipated tears pour out of me, but a huge feeling of relief and hope washed over me. My acceptance letter was so personal and perfect. When I looked up after reading my letter out loud to my mom, I saw that she too had tears in her eyes and she hugged me until I thought I would suffocate from her tight and loving embrace. Together, we cried and rejoiced; A true bonding moment for any mother and daughter. Mom, thank you for always being supportive of me in whatever I do. Even when I don't deserve your kindness, you always show that even the brattiest of children respond the best with your sweet smile.

My father and I have always had a strong relationship with music. Growing up, I loved to hear my dad sing songs that I had never heard of, or blare David Bowie from his stereo while working away in his office. When I began to teach myself piano, my father was always insisting that I never give up and keep going. He would more than once be my provider of sheet music and he would also help me keep the right tempo when playing Christmas music in July (Yes, I know what you're thinking... Christmas music in July?!). When I wrote my essay for my application to Saint Mary's College, I wrote about how my father inspired my love of music through his own unique taste in music and how that drove me to teach myself piano. Without that inspiration and encouragement to never give up on my passions, I would never have become the pianist I am today. Thank you, Dad, for always reminding me to love music and to work hard in everything I do.

Unfortunately, my mother will not be present when I move in because of conflicts with her job, but I am thankful that my father will be there with me. I have greatly anticipated my journey down The Avenue, but I will miss the loving care of my parents. I know that they are only a phone call away, but I will miss their hugs and reassurances that everything will be alright... and my mom's food.

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