Welcome to 2019, a new year full of endless opportunities and endless decisions. Maybe you're going to finally start using that gym membership you've been paying for, for the last year that never gets used. Or maybe you are going to strive to finish your college degree you have been dragging out for the past five years. Or maybe this is the year where you are going to finally be the person you've been convincing yourself you are. This may sound super cliché, but you have 365 NEW days to do something great.

Most people believe that after one bad day, week, or month that their year is over. You have one bad week and all of the sudden everything you have worked so hard for gets pushed to the back of your to do list. Your priorities are no longer focused on what you want because you already messed up SO you'll just push that back to next year. Right? … WRONG! In this new year, you deserve to get what you want. You deserve to do whatever it is that makes you genuinely happy. This is YOUR year. Use this year to become who you are and shape your future. Focus on YOU. Do things for YOU. And stop pushing your happiness aside.

You were just given 365 days with no rules, no excuses, and every opportunity to live a life that you love. Everyone has a past. Either it's a chapter in your life that you want to be published for the world to see all your accomplishments OR it's a chapter that you shove under your bed and pray no one ever ask you about. But this is a new chapter, filled with blank pages that can get filled with love, excitement, smiles, laughs, adventure, and maybe even a few tears. But you have the pen. You get to write it. Mistakes are part of your story, but so are the steps you take to fix them. So, the plot of the story, the characters, the obstacles, the highlights, the conflicts, the resolutions, and most importantly the ending is all up to you.

You can give that pen to someone else who you want to fill in your pages and write your story, or you can have the power to decide your own destiny. You shouldn't just have one new year's resolution and it defiantly shouldn't stop after the year is over. Make your book something that everyone wants to read. Make it inspiring and challenging and filled with happiness. Make sure this is the life you want to remember. This is the life that makes you happy.

And given the chance, you would want to live THIS life all over again. Because in the end, you lived YOUR life the way YOU wanted to. You were happy! And I hope your year is full of happiness that it overwhelms every emotion inside of you! With that said, Enjoy writing! I can't wait to see this year filled with all the epic stories of our lives! Because they will be EPIC.