Yes, School Is My Top Priority And No, I Do Not Regret Saying That

Yes, School Is My Top Priority And No, I Do Not Regret Saying That

Seriously, my education will always rank higher than any other factor in my life.


I am halfway through the third year of my undergraduate career. It wasn't until this academic year that I realized just how much I value my higher education. Despite all of the additional stress and workload, it has recently resonated with me the magnitude to which I truly appreciate attending college.

I had this realization as I became an upperclassman undergraduate student. Now I am fully immersed in my chosen fields of study after passing all of the general education requirements and introductory courses, and I absolutely love it. While I do admit there are definitely days where things are more challenging and I probably question my intentions a hundred times, at the end of the day, I would never give up the experience of furthering my education.

Through the time I have put forth toward my undergraduate degree thus far, I have been exposed to numerous ideologies, challenged to think critically, developed a sense of value preferences, enhanced my public speaking and writing skills, defended my stance on issues, remained open to new perspectives, perfected my time management skills, been rewarded for hard work, motivated to persevere, and inspired by some exceptional faculty. Every second is a learning experience; every second has been worth it.

Life is all about balance and learning how to juggle multiple factors that will hopefully result in a well-rounded, quality means of living. However, there are going to be instances where you have to prioritize these factors in your life in order to achieve whatever it is that you are aiming to do. This means making sacrifices because it is impossible to do everything all of the time.

Personally, I am proud to say that my education is my top priority at this point in my life. School comes first over relationships of any kind, social events, hobbies, health, work, physical appearance, or any type of distraction. Of course, these things all are important to value and intertwined, and I do value them; however, just not to the extent to which I value my journey through higher education.

I did not realize it until this year after it really stands out to me whenever somebody makes a decision that puts their schoolwork on the backburner. While this is OK to do sometimes, it is just mind-boggling for me to fathom why some people do this so frequently. Shouldn't you want to put your education first, at least most of the time, because, without it, the potential for opportunity would be gone?

At the end of the day, whatever gives you purpose and makes you feel as if you are living a fulfilled life in which you are satisfied, then that is all that truly matters. The determinants are individualized for each person. However, after recently resonating with the idea that, at this point in time, my top priority is excelling in my educational experience, I want other people who have priorities similar to mine to embrace their preference. Don't ever question whether school should be your top priority, because, if it is, then there must be a reason why you feel this way. Don't ever compare yourself to what other people are choosing to do with their time because if it's not affecting you, then you should not care too much about it.

Finally, don't ever feel bad about saying no to other activities because you want to make time to sufficiently complete your homework assignment and study; you will reap the benefits of this sacrifice later as you are successful in school and land your dream job.

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10 Things Someone Who Grew Up In A Private School Knows

The 10 things that every private school-goer knows all too well.


1. Uniforms

Plaid. The one thing that every private school-goer knows all too well. It was made into jumpers, skirts, shorts, scouts, hair ties, basically anything you could imagine, the school plaid was made into. You had many different options on what to wear on a normal day, but you always dreaded dress uniform day because of skirts and ballet flats. But it made waking up late for school a whole lot easier.

2. New people were a big deal

New people weren't a big thing. Maybe one or two a year to a grade, but after freshman year no one new really showed up, making the new kid a big deal.

3. You've been to school with most of your class since Kindergarten

Most of your graduating class has been together since Kindergarten, maybe even preschool, if your school has it. They've become part of your family, and you can honestly say you've grown up with your best friends.

4. You've had the same teachers over and over

Having the same teacher two or three years in a row isn't a real surprise. They know what you are capable of and push you to do your best.

5. Everyone knows everybody. Especially everyone's business.

Your graduating class doesn't exceed 150. You know everyone in your grade and most likely everyone in the high school. Because of this, gossip spreads like wildfire. So everyone knows what's going on 10 minutes after it happens.

6. Your hair color was a big deal

If it's not a natural hair color, then forget about it. No dyeing your hair hot pink or blue or you could expect a phone call to your parents saying you have to get rid of it ASAP.

7. Your school isn't like "Gossip Girl"

There is no eating off campus for lunch or casually using your cell phone in class. Teachers are more strict and you can't skip class or just walk right off of campus.

8. Sports are a big deal

Your school is the best of the best at most sports. The teams normally go to the state championships. The rest of the school that doesn't play sports attends the games to cheer on the teams.

9. Boys had to be clean-shaven, and hair had to be cut

If you came to school and your hair was not cut or your beard was not shaved, you were written up and made to go in the bathroom and shave or have the head of discipline cut your hair. Basically, if you know you're getting written up for hair, it's best just to check out and go get a hair cut.

10. Free dress days were like a fashion show

Wearing a school uniform every day can really drive you mad. That free dress day once a month is what you lived for. It was basically a fashion show for everyone, except for those upperclassmen who were over everything and just wore sweat pants.

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22 Things Parents Should Send Their Children At College, If They Love And Miss Them

We're getting to that point in the semester, y'all.


Even though college students are just a little over a month into the spring semester, we are already feeling high amounts of stress over tests and papers. Nobody said college was going to be easy, and this statement is ringing truer and truer each day. So, to the parents, grandparents, or anybody else who loves us and cares about our well being, here are 22 things you should send us if you love and miss our presence.

1. Gift cards to the local grocery store. 

Preferably Walmart or Food Lion, since that's all we have here in Farmville, VA.

2. Room decor from the Target dollar section. 

Or anything from Target, for that matter. Some college towns don't have one of these glorious establishments, and we are experiencing withdrawals.

3. School supplies. 

You can never have too many sticky notes or colored pens.

4. Mints. 

Because some people need it after lunch, and gum is disgusting.

5. A cozy blanket. 

For those cold nights spent in the library until 2 in the morning.

6. A handwritten letter. 

These are one of my favorite things to get in the mail, and there is always something so sentimental about snail mail.

7. A giant box of fruit snacks...

Definitely one of my favorite grab and go snacks.

8. ... Or candy, in general. 

Preferably, gummies. But, I won't refuse chocolate candy either.

9. Cash. 

For those late night Taco Bell runs, or just to make us feel a little bit better about ourselves.

10.  A funny movie/DVD. 

There's something so simple and serene about watching a funny movie on a DVD player that brings us back to the less stressful times of our childhood.

11.  Hot chocolate mix. 

I always get random cravings for hot chocolate, but it's never enough to make me want to go buy a box of mix.

12.  Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts gift cards. 

Because the majority of our lives revolve around coffee, and sometimes our Keurigs just don't cut it.

13.  Peanut butter crackers. 

These are so quick and easy to eat between classes (or if you're like me, IN class).

14.  Scent diffuser. 

This can be even better if you send a scent that reminds us of home.

15.  Hair ties. 

For some reason, I only own about five at a time because I am always losing these!

16.  Homemade cookies/brownies. 

These always make me so happy knowing my mom took time out of her busy day to think of me and bake yummy treats.

17.  Gift cards for our favorite online shopping stores. 

What better way to relieve stress than buy clothes you don't need?

18.  Nail polish. 

You can never have too many bottles of the same shade of pink.

19.  Mug warmer. 

These help keep your cup of coffee warm for long periods of time so you don't end up wasting such a sacred drink.

20.  Lysol wipes/hand sanitizer. 

I go both of these things at an alarming rate because some places are just plain disgusting.

21.  Band-aids. 

No one ever really thinks of buying these, but they work for so many more reasons than their typical use.

22.  iTunes gift card. 

For all those "educational apps" our professors tell us to buy. *wink wink*

Every college student loves getting a care package in the mail, so if you really love and miss us, please send one our way!

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