Typically, I love driving. For me, it's relaxing and gives me time to think. However, driving for a long period of time can be incredibly boring. Unfortunately, I have to make these long and boring car rides regularly. Going to school 10 hours away from home and needing my car in both places forces me to make the driveway more than I'd prefer. In the beginning, I struggled to keep myself entertained and awake.

So, here are 10 things that help me make my long ride go by smoothly.

1. Always, always have snacks. 

Snacks are a must. Not only do they taste good but they will give you something to do.

2. Prepare by getting a good night's rest.  

This will go a long long way. There is nothing worse then being tired when you're trying to drive.

3. Listen to music you know the words to.

Singing helps, I swear by it.

4. Stop at least twice to stretch your back and legs. 

Cramps are the worst, you gotta stretch yourself out.

5. Podcasts will save your life.

I absolutely love podcasts, Kaitlyn Bristowe's podcast Off The Vine is my favorite. They're interesting and funny and keep your mind turning.

6. Get an audio book. 

This is a great way to pass time, It's like listening to movie you don't want to turn off.

7. Try calling everyone in your contacts until someone answers. 

Get some social interaction in your life. If the first person doesn't answer move on to the next, if anything it's entertaining.

8. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes. 

There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable for hours on end. Wear your favorite sweatpants and look like a bum, you deserve it.

9. Have a playlist ready before getting in the car. 

Put all those favorite songs of yours on a playlist and press shuffle.

10. Look around you and appreciate the scenery .

You never know what you'll miss when you're not looking.

Car rides can suck, but if you do your best to entertain yourself they'll go by faster than you think. Don't dread them, make them fun.