It is said that you are what you drink... can you drink what you are? College majors are all unique and different just like Starbucks drinks. Each one has features that make it stand out from the rest.

1. Art

The Unicorn Frappuccino is a beautiful and unique blended drink that can only belong to Art Majors.

2. Chemistry

The Nitro Lemon Fog is a Cold Brew Coffee with Nitrogen in it. That is why this drink is perfect for a chemistry major because only a chemist could see these two things and want to make a drink with them.

3. Criminology

The Bottled Cold Brew is Starbucks Black Coffee on the go. This is perfect for the Criminology major on the go.

4. Early Childhood/Special Ed

Iced coffee is perfect for a future teacher because it is simple and relaxing but can still give you a kick...start in the morning.

5. Foreign Language

The Chai Crèame Frappuccino is a sweet and spicy drink that can bite you in the butt just like a foreign language can if you aren't prepared for it.

6. Health and Community Wellness

"Nutrition meats Hydration" is the perfect way to describe both the Pressed Green Juice Drink and Health and Community Wellness.

7. Music

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is a drink that once it comes out each year, is talked about all the time and music majors are always talking about their major. (Just know I LOVE my music major friends)

8. Nursing

Like the White Chocolate Mocha, being a Nursing Major can keep you up for 3 days at a time.

9. Theater

The Galvanina Sparkling Water is just as crazy and outgoing as Theater Majors are.

10. Undecided

Undecided Majors are the Hot Coco of the Major world because when you can't pick a drink people tend to get hot cocoa and when you can't pick a major you choose undecided.