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If The Songs In 'A Star Is Born' Album Were Your College Major

Because grades have really gone "by the wayside."

If The Songs In 'A Star Is Born' Album Were Your College Major
Warner Bros.

I think about "A Star Is Born" daily and I saw the movie weeks ago. Bradley Cooper is AMAZING and I want him to break into the music biz and release an album. Lady Gaga, wow. I forget her humble meat dress beginnings and I have so much more respect for her as an entertainer. Also their chemistry, dang. It's good. However, the real star of "A Star Is Born"..... THE ALBUM. It is beautiful and tells a wonderful story and Bradley Cooper actually wrote a bunch of them. So let's go down the time of the eighteen songs that make me weep and apply it to our college majors, so you can jam out while studying for finals.

1. "Black Eyes" - Engineering 


Let's be honest, engineering is hardcore, because it requires lots of math (lol pass), creativity, and problem solving skills. Black eyes is very hardcore and the movie opener. Also bradley cooper learned to play the guitar for this role and dang did he succeed. What a lil engineer.

2. "La Vie En Rose" - French/ another foreign language 


Ok, I can barely remember the Spanish alphabet and here Lady Gaga is singing a BEAUTIFUL song in French. Classic foreign language people. I can see why Jackson Maine catches the feels in this song. Honestly same.

3. "Maybe It's Time" - Education 


The song is very basic (one might say elementary) and it talks about letting "the old ways die" and I would argue that is what teachers do every day by stopping bad learning habits and teaching me important things like reading and tying my shoe.

4. "Out of Time" - Math / Statistics 


This song is a hardcore guitar solo, likely taking years to master. Similar to math, it starts with the basic addition and subtraction but then suddenly you throw in calculus and everything gets difficult. Snaps for Bradley Cooper and Math / Statistic majors.

5. "Alibi" - Philosophy 


This song is another banger, but Bradley cooper keeps singing the words "I don't lie, without an alibi" and I'd like to think that ethical philosophy majors don't lie either. Ya kno? Also no one should lie or cheat because #honorcode

6. "Shallow" - Marine Biology 


You're lying if you say you don't belt "IN THE SHA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LOW" alone in the car . It is a major bop and even though I'm not Lady Gaga, I'd like to think I'm hitting those high notes along with her.

7. "Music to My Eyes" - Musical Theory


During this part in the movie Ally and Jack realize that they are not only a couple with incredible chemistry, but also an iconic music duo. This long is all about, music, harmony, and (of course) love. Musical theory majors, let's be real, this is your dream come true.

8. "Diggin' My Grave" - Nursing


This song is kinda depressing if you listen to the lyrics, which could be similar to Nursing. But Nurses are amazing and so necessary, just like this bop of a song.

9. "Always Remember Us This Way" - English 


Ok, this is by far the best song on the album and I'm an English major so I'm definitely biased, but I still think only an English major could write a song this beautiful. So when you got a writer's block and you're "all choked up and [you] can't find the words," just ask an English major.

10. "Look What I Found" - Journalism 


Journalism is all about investigation and finding the truth. Also this single is the start of Ally's career, just like any good news story or op-ed is the start of a major scandal.

11. "Heal Me" - Biology / Pre Med 


Doctors heal people with good ole modern medicine and #science and for that I am very thankful.

12. "I Don't Know What Love Is" - Undecided 


It's okay not to know what love is or what you want to do for the rest of your life! That is what college is all about!

13. "Is That Alright?" - Religious Studies 


I think I had a religious experience listening to this song. If not, I was definitely crying and rethinking my life.

14. "Why Did You Do That?" - Exercise Science  


Lady Gaga is dropping some major dance movies during this song and is breaking a hardcore sweat on SNL. She is getting a major workout while I was in the movie theater sitting for 2.5 hours eating pop corn and drinking a slushy.

15. "Hair Body Face" - Marketing / Advertising 


Marketing is all about the #brand, which include your hair, body, and face. Simple.

16. "Before I Cry" - Business 


This song is EMOTIONAL and I would be too if I was studying for an Econ final. You probs couldn't pay me enough money in the world to be a Business major, but luckily for others, you can.

17. "Too Far Gone" - Environmental Studies 


With climate change, overpopulation, mass extinction of keystone species, and extreme pollution, many Environmental Studies majors feel the earth is too far gone and beyond saving. Which is depressing, so maybe let's try to recycle and do better.

18. "I'll Never Love Again" - Musical Theater 


Wow. Just wow. Lady Gaga should have been an MT.

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