1. The bell system no longer exists.

2. And neither do lockers.

3. It is not uncommon to be hungover in class.

4. Tests are not every other week, you may have a midterm and a final. And that is all.

5. Teachers are now professors. Although they are experts in their specific field, they may introduce themselves by just their first name.

6. High School classes are preparing you for college and college classes are preparing you for a career.

7. There is no more preparing for the SAT/ACT.

8. A 7-hour school day, 5 days a week is not your life anymore.

9. Also, no one is timing your lunch anymore.

10. There is no main office calling your mom every time you skip class, but do not skip class because it will hurt you.

11. 30 people in a class is considered small.

12. You will not know everyone's name in your graduating class, it is 10 times larger than your high school class size.

13. 3 classes per day is considered a lot.

14. People are either partying like you do not even have classes or in the library until 4 am.

15. Textbooks are now a major expense if you went to public school.

16. Professors will not everyone's name, especially in large lectures.

17. It is now your responsibility to remember and prepare assignments.

18. Time management is now key.

19. Your mom is not your second alarm clock.

20. All in all, it is your responsibility.