I Went To A Majid Jordan Concert Alone And It Was Great
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I Went To A Majid Jordan Concert Alone And It Was Great

eWho knew seeing one of my favorite artists alone would be so dope?

I Went To A Majid Jordan Concert Alone And It Was Great
Majid Jordan at Buckhead Theatre- Keonna Stanley

It's concert season. Your favorite artist has posted tour dates and you're psyched. You tag all your friends in the comments along with heart-eyed emojis and "OMG WE HAVE TO GO!!". But what happens when they couldn't get the weekend off or just flakes? Life gets the best of us, so you tend to understand. However, you have been playing their album since the album wasn't even an album but scattered singles dropping randomly like sweet presents to your ears. The live experience will be like no other. The merchandise? Limited edition. Who knows when they will be back to your city? What happens when you are the only one committed?

You go alone.


Alone? To a facility with groups of strangers? Isn't that dangerous? I could NEVER do that?! These are the same thoughts I had at first. Who would I talk to? I felt like I would look awkward than I already was. I faced my fears almost exactly a year ago today, and the experience was nevertheless great.

No one that I knew really vibed with Majid Jordan, the duo signed to Drake's OVO label. I really wanted to go but I knew no one would be really willing to go with me. Their album, The Space Between had dropped and it was full of love and electric vibes. However, I knew that I wasn't going to have the funds later on when the prices for tickets weren't discounted at the early rate, so I went ahead and took the plunge.

From that point on, I was excited, yet nervous. I spent time mentally preparing myself and looking at solo concert vlogs on YouTube to discover their experiences. They looked like they were having a blast. They came solo and left with groups of friends, even staying in touch long term. I didn't know whether I would have that exact experience of not, but I was left with a positive impression. Based on prior experiences in larger places, I probably couldn't take any weapons, such as tasers and pepper spray inside, so I generally had to trust security.

I looked in the mirror at my outfit: high rise boots, a black dress, and a trench coat. It just got done snowing and I was ready to see the world again. The ride there was about an hour or so away. Not too bad considering I had the company of Majid Jordan's EP and their new album "The Space Between". Driving through Buckhead made me feel like a star until I found out that people can't properly drive their affluent Range Rovers.


I arrive and pass the theatre which was classically illuminated with the marquee reading out "Majid Jordan: The Space Between Tonight". The night was finally here. Nervous, yet excited, I pay the parking attendant as I make my way up the street to the theatre. I stood in line for about 10 minutes. This was a little uneasy being that everyone was scattered with their associated parties. I, however, stood resilient. I ended up seeing someone from high school, who I didn't really talk to but was a familiar face. He spoke to me first, mentioning that he just ran into Jordan Ullman, the mixer of the duo. I was in awe. As I made my way to the front of the line, I peered inside, basking in the first impression of the venue. Burgundy velvet under subtle lighting engulfed the room and set the ambiance. Everyone was walking around either waiting on the rest of their parties, lounging at the bar or buying merchandise. I decide to go to the restroom for a bit. In there, I spoke to some girls that complimented me on my attire and hair as I complimented theirs. As I made my way to the floor, I noticed how intimate the floor was. Although the floor wasn't filled, I can tell it was very small. People were crowded towards the front with a few people, such as myself standing alone in the back. I saw other people who appeared alone just peering around like me. I decided to break out my shell for just a little bit.

The Irony ... Majid Jordan- Phases media3.giphy.com

I talked to a few people who were also lone concert goers (LCG's) like me. I met this one girl who went to Clayton State. We talked for a good while until the crowd began to fill up and somehow we got separated. I was left alone to vibe to the opening set by STWO, a DJ/Producer. I didn't feel alone as I was though. I was in a sea of people who vibed just as much as I did. Who basked in the smoothness that is LoFi music. I felt at ease.

Your browser does not support the video tag. From STWO's Set s3.amazonaws.com

At that point, we were all vibing out to the music until Majid Jordan came out. I was reunited with my friend from Clayton State and we danced and sang the night away. Majid Al Maskati had the most alluring vocals live and sounded just as amazing as the studio. Jordan was in his element, complimenting Majid with the rhythmic vibes. I didn't get a lot of videos because I was simply having a great time and wanted to enjoy the moment. I look over and there was an individual, decked out with past tour gear dancing with his eyes closed and cheering them on. This is what it's all about: enjoying the artist bask in their glory and freeing yourself to their work. I loved every minute of it.

Your browser does not support the video tag. s3.amazonaws.com

I keep contact with the girl on Instagram to this day. We even took a picture together and still talk about this memorable experience. If you are longing to see someone that YOU love, GO! Be your own support and don't be afraid to try new things even if it's just you. Also be safe!

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