8 Ways Disney Is Just As Magical For Adults As It Is For Kids
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8 Ways Disney Is Just As Magical For Adults As It Is For Kids

Since going to Disney with all of my siblings in either high school or college, I have a new appreciation for the magic.

8 Ways Disney Is Just As Magical For Adults As It Is For Kids
Sydney Benton

It's the most magical place on Earth! From human-size mice to real-life princesses, there's plenty of magic to be found at the Disney World theme parks (except for the annoying presence of children, strollers and people that don't know how to walk on the right side of the walkway). Despite any contrary beliefs, Disney World is not just for kids! Going to Disney World as an adult that knows the characters are only human is just as magical as being young and believing they're real. After going to Disney with all of my siblings in either high school or college, I have a new appreciation for the magic.

1. You're never too old to be a princess.

Almost every girl has had the dream to be a princess since she was a little girl, and the dream doesn't just go away. There's something about wearing a pretty dress and having a prince charming that has a magical effect.

2. You're tall enough to ride the rides.

Usually, adults and teenagers are taller than the height requirements, so there are no worries whether or not you can ride the rides you want.

3. You can better appreciate the small details.

Every aspect of Disney is artfully designed. Even the bathrooms are themed to a certain character or story. One fun side-game to play while visiting the parks is looking for "hidden Mickeys" that have been designed into the rides and around the buildings.

4. Epcot's countries have attractions that might not be too fascinating for the youngsters.

Sure, there's the treasured Frozen ride or the fiesta boat ride in Mexico, but children aren't always thrilled to read displays about traditional clothing or watch a video about culture. However, some of these exhibits are fascinating if you have the attention span to experience them.

5. You can appreciate the delicious food.

There are the classics that you can get from food stands, like Turkey legs, Dole Whips, Mickey ice cream bars, Mickey pretzels and popcorn. At Epcot, you can eat your way around the countries, tasting a different country without needing a passport; Germany, Morocco, China, Italy and Mexico are some of my favorites. Also, if you're of age, you can enjoy some special drinks that are unique to the countries. Then, there are options such as meals with characters or other themed dining experiences. There's definitely something delicious to eat at every park.

6. You don't have nap time cutting into your day.

While adults definitely love naps, too, they know that spending the whole day in the park is a much more beneficial way to spend your time.

7. You can get more done in a day's time.

Adults don't have to worry about going back to the stroller parking area after a ride or having to walk at the pace of a child. If your Fastpass ends in five minutes, you can run there without having to worry about losing the little ones in the crowd.

8. You get to relive your childhood.

The rides have characters that you grew up watching on T.V. and movies or reading about in picture books. It's refreshing to pause the stress of school, work and life and be reminded of simpler days when you were only worried about Cinderella's missing slipper.

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