Bubble, bubble

Toil and trouble

Candy so good

It will make you want double

How cute the kids look

How adorable and nice

I have a surprise for them

Just something I

Cooked up in my cauldron

It was shooting out

All kinds of sparks

And smelling all sorts

Of sweet while it simmered

I betcha it'll give

Those kids cavities

In a week!

I made them bright blues

And reds, greens, pinks, and purples too!

I wrapped each candy with care

But parents do not beware

This candy will not hurt

Your child (probably)

I don't actually know

What will happen to your

Kid if they eat it

I sort of just threw a

Bunch of ingredients together

I can't recall exactly what

I put in, maybe some ginger?

Could be eyes of... mice?

Eggs of... spiders?

There is a good chance I

Put firecrackers in there

That would explain the sparks.