Mac Miller Is Releasing A New Album On January 17, Proving That He Will Live On Forever

Mac Miller Is Releasing A New Album On January 17, Proving That He Will Live On Forever

REMember "Swimming?" Get ready for his posthumous album, "Circles."

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Wednesday morning, Mac Miller's family took to his Instagram account to announce that his posthumous album, "Circles," will be released on January 17.

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Circles. January 17.
A post shared by Mac (@macmiller) on Jan 8, 2020 at 8:00am PST

This was a shock to Mac fans everywhere because "Swimming" was released a month before his death Sept. 7, 2018. "Swimming" was full of so many feels and good vibes so here's hoping that "Circles" can measure up to the genius final release that Mac gave us.

In the Instagram post, Mac's family writes that this new album is a companion album to "Swimming," meaning that they are completely different albums with different meanings, but they go together to "complement" each other.

"Two different styles complementing each other, completing a circle -- Swimming in Circles was the concept."

While he was deep into his recording process for "Circles," he unfortunately was never able to finish it due to his heartbreaking, untimely death. While recording, Mac involved singer Jon Brion to help him work on the album.

After Mac's death, Jon Brion decided to make it a priority to finish Mac's work. Brion's involvement in the album allowed him enough insight into Mac's creativity to finish it in honor of him.

The family went on in the Instagram post to say that it was extremely important to Mac for the world to be able to experience this new album and they had a difficult way deciding how to release it to the world while keeping Mac's creativity and work "sacred" to what he was in the process of creating.

This was the only post on Mac's Instagram so we don't know much about the album or how much of Mac Miller we get to hear, but we know that they are proud of what is being released and grateful to Jon Brion for taking the initiative and hard decision to finish the album for Mac.

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