This Is Lust, Not Love

I was confused; I still am. But I know better now.

I won't even try to defend my actions because I know I was wrong for many things, but so were you. I'm not sorry for anything except that this isn't working out.

Anyway, I still care about you and that's never going to change.

this is lust,

not love

even if it may feel like it

you won't say that you don't want me,

but you won't tell me that you do either

tell me what i need to hear, not what i want to hear

this is lust, not love

last night was like a movie

a cliche indie film about a girl

staying up late, losing sleep

fogged up windows and lace curtains

gas stations and neon signs

this is lust, not love

it's not fair

for either of us

to treat each other like this

what am i thinking?

who am i missing?

do you feel good?

do you feel whole?

caught the sunrise this morning

shared the moment when today turned into yesterday

and tomorrow became today

this is lust, not love

my words, for you

me, for me

me, because of you

me, because of us

you, for you

you, never us

love me in whatever way,

i'd do the same for you

this is lust,

not love

you feel me?

do you really feel me?

you're confused, i am too

communication takes effort

you should try it some time

when you read this, i hope you don't ask about it

hold me

fight me

can you envision the future? because i can't either

situations out of my control

when do things start to go right?

are we growing together or are we just going together?

this is lust,

not love

i meant what i said

not all of it, but most of it

people lie all the time

tell me what you really want from me

i love to hate you, i think you do too

one day i'll start acting right

you got me caught up

this isn't the real me

this is just me with you

this is lust,

not love

you're friends know and mine do too

should've kept it between just me and you

how lonely it can be, even when you're right next to me

my patience is running out, and i'm not gonna stop it

act accordingly?

sure, we can be friends.

you're right

this should be effortless

love isn't supposed to hurt

but by the time the sun sets

even with all this rage in me

i hope you're still mine

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