Lush's Zero-Waste Shampoo Bars Will Help You AND The Environment Stay Clean
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Lush's Zero-Waste Shampoo Bars Will Help You AND The Environment Stay Clean

This product will have you honoring yourself, animals, and the earth.

Lush's Zero-Waste Shampoo Bars Will Help You AND The Environment Stay Clean
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There's no feeling like it. Walking through a cloud of glitter, surrounded by an aura of aromatherapy, you're in. You're in Lush. Nothing else in this world matters, because all of the remedies for all of your troubles are right here.

Going through a breakup? There's a bath bomb for that. Under so much stress your losing hair? There's a conditioner for that. Freaking out about what you're going to do after graduation? Me too. Allow one of the associates to show you this mask that's going to change your complexion and thus have you forgetting about it all.

I really feel like all of the fairy tale creatures we read about when we were younger took a bunch of Molly and conjured up this store. I mean really, it's as magical as it gets.

Though Lush appeared that it could not get any more divine, it came up with zero-waste shampoo. Yup, a shampoo that's both nourishing for the earth and your hair.

Trademarked for its vegan products which fight against animal testing, Lush is now taking one step further by using a zero-waste approach.

Their most popular take on the zero-waste movement is their shampoo bar. What appears to be a very fragrant macaron is actually a bar of shampoo that you run through your hair as you do a bar of soap to your skin.

It activates just as shampoo does to your hair leaving it nourished and clean. Of course, its ingredients include are all natural, I mean its Lush we're talking about. However, the bar wears down over the course of about 25 uses, and then it is gone. No trash, no waste, and no BS.

I have been critical towards the zero-waste movement in the past — while I believe it to be an exemplary way to live, it's also vastly implausible for a majority of people. However, taking approaches each and every day to cut down your waste is important no matter who you are.

We have all of the simple bases covered: use a reusable (preferably BPA free) water bottle, use reusable bags, try and buy bulk yadda yadda, this one is something that is so incredibly effortless. At about 12 dollars for a bar (again about 25 uses) you get effortless hair cleanings and do not have the hassle of finding a place for your oversized, clunky shampoo bottle.

More high-end shampoos which, by the way, are most likely filled with sulfates and unnatural ingredients that will end up doing more damage to your hair, in the long run, go for about, what, $65 a bottle? For like 40 uses perhaps? If we do the math correctly, that's 24 dollars for 50 uses.

While you may not be the kombucha drinking, hike for fun, brush your teeth with baking soda kind of person, we can all get along with cutting our waste down as much as we can. Especially if it involves less hassle than our wasteful lives.

I'm done explaining, there's no reason you shouldn't at least try one of these little guys out.

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