Lush Products That Will Save Your Skin
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Lush Products That Will Save Your Skin

Having sensitive skin doesn't have to be a hassle.

Lush Products That Will Save Your Skin
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Anyone who has sensitive skin, like me, can agree unanimously that having our skin type is a struggle and a half. You put one product on your face and soon enough it becomes red and the next day your skin breaks out like crazy and becomes flaky. We have to be extra careful with what we apply to our face, and no one wants to risk getting multiple breakouts, let alone one pimple.

Throughout high school, I suffered from acne and have a fair share of acne scars on my face. These products (as well as medicine from my dermatologist) have significantly helped my skin improve throughout the course of a few months. I still have faint acne scars by my jawline, but they are not nearly as noticeable as they used to be. I have compiled a list of my favorite Lush products that don't irritate my skin whatsoever so you can use this guide when you are next in your favorite Lush store or online so you can put your best face forward.

Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask $12.95, in stores only

Although this face mask is a few dollars more than other face masks in Lush, I can vouch that it is worth every penny. The formula includes calamine, which is great to use if you have irritated and sensitive skin. This fact alone made me not worry about applying this product to my face. After I applied it and washed it off, my skin was calm and not red or flaky. The mask also smells like roses, which is enough to make me want to buy a product. At first, I was worried that a scented product would make my face break out, but this did not one bit.

Aqua Marina Face and Body Cleanser $12.95

This cleanser is also made with calamine, so it is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Seaweed, cooling aloe vera gel and sea salt are also infused into this product, which made me feel like I was on a trip to the beach. My skin felt soothed and the smoothest it has ever been. Although the smell was a little funny, I looked passed it since it made my skin smooth and kept it clear as well.

Tea Tree Water $10.95

Not only is my skin sensitive, but it gets oily throughout the day. This product not only relieves redness on my face, but it wipes away excess oils without drying out my face. I try to use this product every night with a cotton ball after cleansing my face to get rid of all oils that have been on my face all day. If I decide to go makeup free for a day, I also try to spritz some of this product on my face throughout the day to help reduce oil and shine.

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