The Lull Of Your College Semester After Midterms Feels Like It Lasts For Centuries Instead Of Weeks

No matter what year you are, what classes you're taking, where you go to school, or what semester it is, after the stress of your midterms, the semester seems to just drag on forever.

"Everyone just wants to die," - Lainey Komerofsky (my roommate)

It just feels like all of your energy was used for midterm exams and papers. You spend about two weeks doing nothing but studying and writing papers and using all of your will to live to stress over your midterms.

Then when they're finally over, you take a deep breath and relax. But after that, it's very hard to get back the motivation you had before. All you want to do is just finish up the semester and go home. After experiencing midterms from one class, you dread what the finals are going to be like.

All motivation is lost. It had been decreasing ever since the start of the semester, but now it's just plateaued and you're not going to get any motivation back until the very end. That is if you get any motivation for finals. Sometimes, you're just so over it, you don't care what happens.

For the Fall Semester, you always have Thanksgiving Break to look forward to. For Spring Semester, it's Spring Break. You measure your time off of how many weeks after those breaks you have left, and even if it's four weeks, you tell yourself you can do it and that it won't be that bad. You relish in those few days after break to relax and take things easy, and then your professors remind you of your final papers and say, "You should have started these weeks ago!" which only sends you back into the constant state of panic.

That stretch between those semester breaks and the end of the semester is hard. Remember to practice self-care and to not work yourself too hard.

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