Lucie Fink is 25 years old and 100 percent my #goals! She graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in creative writing with a concentration in media. She’s a video producer, lifestyle host, stop-motion artist and social media influencer.

She is a spokeswoman for the Millennial generation — Lucie has made many appearances on NBC’s Today Show to discuss topics relevant to our generation.

Her attitude is amazing and just by watching one of her “Try Living With Lucie” videos you instantly love her positive attitude and passion for life.

1. She’s an amazing speaker

I mean check this out!

2. Lucie’s style SLAYS

Refinery29 is the best in general.

3. She loves pizza


4. She is all of my Instagram goals!

I mean just LOOK!

5. Lucie is an inspiration for all women

Lucie wants to make "trying the new doing" and change the language around trying new things. Even if you fail, you tried something new and that is something. She's creative and powerful! Lucie made a career out of trying something she had never done before.

6. Her career started with creative ideas and being OK with not always being an expert

Her story is incredible — she went into a job interview and told the interviewer all of her interesting and creative ideas of things she wanted to try then she made it happen! Lucie is an inspiration because she's flexible and not afraid to fail.

7. She created a community

With her "Try Living With Lucie" franchise, Lucie created a brand unlike any other. Throughout the entire series, she thought she was teaching her audience while they were actually teaching her. Lucie created an online community where people all over the world can share their ideas.

Lucie does it all and has been commissioned by brands to create stop motion videos for social media. She's worked with Oreo, Under Armour, The TODAY Show, SoulCycle and so many more. Recently, she's been featured in Forbes, A Plus and the Daily Mail.

I truly want to live life like Lucie because you never know where the journey is going to lead you.