College Majors As LSU, Told By The Cast Of 'Friends'
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If The Cast Of 'Friends' Attended LSU, This Is What They'd Major In

College is more difficult depending on majors and the cast of "Friends" understands that.

The cast of "Friends"playing poker

"Friends" is a show that I have watched since probably 10 years old. I had no clue that I would learn some valuable advice from the show and that it would actually help me through college. I mean what better way to learn about your upcoming major or current major is going to be than learning from this cast? So let the cast of "Friends" guide you and possibly make you laugh at your college major.

1. Business


Business is fairly difficult so you get asked if you are OK a good bit. This is your usual reaction. You may be too drunk to cope or just be delusional from late night studying. Whatever your case may be, you can pretty much relate to Ross. He is very successful other than his many divorces so maybe this is something you can look forward to in the future. Just hold on and keep studying.

2. Social Work


If you are social work or anything related you can understand Phoebe in this situation. You feel the need to cry when you see most of these cases and if you don't cry you are keeping it inside. This is just something that social workers have to deal with on a daily basis. You also can relate to Phoebe when she gave birth to her brother's children. She got extremely attached to the children and honestly wanted to keep one. This may be you in almost every case you look at.

3. Agriculture


Honestly, I don't know much about agriculture majors but this is what I see when I think of it. If you love animals as much as Chandler and Joey you might be an ag major. They loved their duck and chick so much they may have taken on agriculture classes. If you share their love for fury farm animals you are going to be a great animal mom/dad one day.

4. Pre Law


If you are pre-law you have to learn how to argue. If you can't argue Joey has given you a phrase you might be able to use. Joey may not have always been right but he would use what he had until he didn't have it anymore. This is much related to law school. Study just as much but maybe take some lessons from Joey.

5. Criminology


If you are a criminology major you can probably relate to this episode. If you were in the back seat scared and staring or in the front seat trying to play it cool. You honestly may be both. Whatever you are, this episode relates to you. You can pull a Joey and save the day. Who knew he was actually trying to save his sandwich though? Not Ross that is for sure.

6. Theater


Now, this you can be a mix between Chandler or Joey. Chandler burst into random dances when he gets excited but Joey lives the life of a star. You can honestly relate to both. Keep pushing like Joey did and you can become a successful actor, singer, dancer, etc.

7. Any science major


If you are a science major you can relate and may have used this saying once or twice before. Ross was extremely intelligent and used that to his advantage. He could probably help you remember a thing or two for a test. Catch up on a few episodes and study for an exam based on Ross' excellence.

8. Geology


I took one geology class and absolutely hated it. I don't see how you guys do it but props to you. You may get called a freak like Ross and you may have a solid answer, however, Ross just accepted the fact he may have been. You can completely relate to Ross and how he was made fun of for being a paleontologist. You may not be in your major to become a paleontologist but it is in the general field. So good luck.

9. Pre-Dental


If you are pre-dental or even considering it, this will be you with some of your patients. The dentist's office is a place most people fear so you will not always be liked and they will not always be calm. Sometimes you may have to be a Phoebe Buffay and that is OK. The patients will eventually calm down.

10. Math


Anyone who watches friends knows the real meaning behind this. But it still involved numbers and numbers are math. She was very persistent in everything she did and so are math majors. They are always on top of things just like Monica and never lose. If you are a math major, you are Monica.

11. Engineering


You may be asking yourself this question if you are going into an engineering major. Yes, they make a lot of money but those classes are difficult. Each person has their own reasonings. However, you may ask this to yourself about every week. You can definitely relate to Ross on this one. If you have a good answer to this question, I don't know but you will need some luck!

12. Early Childhood Education


If you are early childhood education you can probably relate to the relationship between Rachel and Ben. You have to watch what you do and say around them because they will pick up anything and everything extremely fast. Good luck to the future teachers. Children are a lot to handle. Take it from Rachel. Ben learned a lot in this episode.

"Friends" is a show that honestly everyone can relate to. Especially college students. These are a few majors at LSU that are told by the people we watched growing up. It doesn't matter if you are a Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, or Joey we will all relate in this crazy world.

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