Incoming LSU Laville Residents
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To The Incoming LSU Freshman Living in Laville Hall, You'll Love It

I lived in Laville my freshman year and loved it. So here are a few tips to help out the next group going into Laville.

LSU freshman in college dorm
Elizabeth Shelby

LSU is by far a wonderful campus and goes above and beyond for their students. Several students live on campus and have no clue what they are getting themselves into. Well, I hope this helps some students living in Laville.

Laville is amazing! The staff is always there to help and treats their residents great. If there is ever anything you need they are always there. Do not hesitate to ask for help or guidance in anything.

Ms. Rose is by far the best person you will meet in your life. She will be like your LSU mom. She always asked how my classes were going and made sure I had everything I needed. Please be nice to her.

You will meet the best friends of your life there. I met all my friends from living in Laville. I had friends in West and East and it was so great that they were all so close.

The 459 will not always have the best food, but when they do take advantage of it. The staff is also very good at working with college students. Be nice to them and they will be nice to you.

Laville is always thinking about their students and to prove that every finals week they serve dinner in the lobby. This was definitely a great study break and was better than the food I would have eaten those nights.

Your RA will be your go-to person for info. I remember asking my RA over 100 questions a week. Olivia if you are reading this, thank you for being so cooperative and patient with me.

Laville hosts a crawfish boil along with several other events throughout the year. These events not only fill your stomach but they bring you closer to your friends which is always great. I made several memories at these events so please try to go to as many as you can.

The great thing about Laville is that everyone is extremely close and if you ever need anything the RAs and other residents will be there. The front desk is open 24/7 if you ever need anything as well. They really think about their students and genuinely care.

If you are living in East I would suggest taking the stairs. The elevator is not always working to your standards and sometimes is slower than ever before. My friends and I joked about how it was possessed and talked about how it worked if it liked you.

Now East might have a slow elevator but West does not always have hot water. In the cold weather, it is way worse because it is freezing in the bathroom and the water may not be hot or warm at all. I always kept the water on for a few minutes before getting in. Sometimes you have to flush the toilets as well.

If you cannot study in your room there are several study rooms to choose from. You can actually reserve them as well for study groups. This was very helpful around midterms and finals season.

In East, the closets will be movable and in West, the closets are built in. However, if you are living in rooms 2133-2162 the closets are actually walk-ins. The rooms are still the same size and have no change other than the closets.

Laville is also one of the nicest dorms on campus. They have good sized rooms along with updated bathrooms. The beds are more comfortable than any other on campus. However, I would still advise getting a mattress topper.

They also have a full kitchen and laundry room on each side of Laville. The front desk will rent out cleaning supplies and cookware if you sign up (I believe it was like 20 dollars). So completely worth it. The laundry room also has a website that tells you which washers and dryers are open and available for use.

I have no regrets about where I lived my freshman year. It brought me closer to friends and allowed me to live on my own for the first time without the stress of actually being an adult. I love Laville, it is a great chose for a first dorm and will forever be in my heart.

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