10 Things To Do Before Setting Foot In Tigerland
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Every LSU Girl Needs To Make Sure They Do These 10 Things Before Setting Foot In Tigerland

These items may be the difference between the best night out or the worst.

Every LSU Girl Needs To Make Sure They Do These 10 Things Before Setting Foot In Tigerland
Avery Bracken

Tigerland is a place of endless possibilities. This place holds the potential to create some of your best memories with your best friends, or the most stressful, chaotic memories when you lose your friends. Learning the ropes of the bars can be very tricky at first, but after a few trial runs with some experience under your belt you will begin to learn. If you begin your night after completing the following checklist, you should have a solid foundation for a fun night out.

1. Clean your room up a little bit

This will make the return home much easier. So lay out your pajamas, leave a makeup wipe out, and clear out your floor. You should want to make coming home after a long night as easy as it can possibly be. It's always good to help out your future self.

2. Bring a good, responsible friend

With this one, the more the merrier. You know if you are going to be a mess, you will definitely need someone to watch out for you and making sure you are making good decisions. So basically, a babysitter. We all know the worst nights at the bars are the nights you end up alone.

3. Wear your bar shoes

Let me tell you, bar tar is VERY real. You can walk into Tigerland with a nice, clean new pair of heels that are super cute. But the second you come out you will find that your shoes are COVERED in some kind of goo? No one really knows what it is or where it comes from, but many shoes have become victims to this issue. So your shoes don't have to be the cutest, just make sure you don't care about them that much.

4. Bring a portable charger 

Your phone is your main source of communication. If you lose this tool, you lose your ride home, your contact with your friends, and a lot more. You don't want to sit by an outlet at the bar all night, so a portable charger is a great solution to this problem.

5. Download Uber or Lyft

Uber and Lyft are for sure ways to have a stress free night. They normally cost about $7 to get from campus to Tigerland, so why stress about trying to find a friend to pick you up and drop you off? You don't have to worry about parking, leaving your car in Tigerland, or any other details.

6. Make sure you have plenty of water and ibuprofen 

You don't want your awesome night out to be ruined the next day by a hangover. The key to avoiding hangovers is WATER. You must hydrate! I always try to drink a bottle of water before I go to bed after I go to Tigerland. Advil, Aleve, or any ibuprofen always helps too!

7. Bring some cash 

If you have about $15 you should be able to make it through a night at Tigerland. Cover is normally $5, so this gives you some options. If you forget cash, you can always go to the ATM's inside of the bars. But it's always good to be prepared!

8. Have extra hair bands

As the night goes on, people tend to get more hot and sweaty. This is the perfect time to easily throw your hair in a pony tail! It will probably lighten your mood, too. It is always good to have a few extra in case your friends or some random drunk girl you meet in the bathroom need one, too.

9. Deodorant 

Deodorant is the KEY to having a good night at Tigerland. Like I said earlier, as the night goes on it tends to get more crowded, hot, and sweaty. If you just throw some deodorant in your purse or your friend's purse, it will be perfect for when you are a few hours into your night out and you need to freshen up.

10. Download the Find My Friends app 

If you have that one friend who is AWFUL at answering their phone, this app will be a lifesaver. In Tigerland, the bars get crowded super fast which makes it easier to lose your friends. Using this app, you can see if your friend went home, went to a different bar, or if they're still at the bar you're at.

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