Loving College And Being Homesick Are NOT Mutually Exclusive

A lot of people think that loving college and being homesick are mutually exclusive, however, as a college student who is away from her home and everything she knows, I can say that they are NOT mutually exclusive.

Of course being away for long periods of time makes me homesick but it doesn't mean I don't like being in college or being away from home. I absolutely love college and being on my own. But, there are times where I do think about my home, my friends, and my family and it makes me sad. There's seems to be an idea that if you love being in college, you don't miss being home. Or that if you miss being at home, then you hate being in college.

Being in college can make you miss the smallest things about being at home and living with your parents. For instance, I miss not having to buy all my groceries and being able to eat home cooked meals at least 2-3 times a week. I miss being able to see my little brothers and parents every day. I definitely miss my far more comfortable bed at home. But missing home does not mean I'm having a bad college experience or regret making the decision to go.

On days when I do feel homesick, it makes remember why I am. I made this decision to move away and go to college and it was the best decision I have ever made. Being homesick is kind of part of the college experience. I mean, if you're not homesick, you probably aren't doing something right. College is about having fun, finding yourself and living your life before you're too old to. If you're not homesick, you're either going home too much or you're not living your college experience to its full potential.

So don't fret if you feel like being homesick is a bad thing or that loving college is not good because you're away from home. In the end, it's all worth it.

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