To My Future Child, I Will Love You No Matter Who You Decide To Love
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To My Future Child, I Will Love You No Matter Who You Decide To Love

Nothing should ever get in the way of a parent loving their own child.

To My Future Child, I Will Love You No Matter Who You Decide To Love

I'm not ready to be a mother. Hell, I don't think I'll be ready anytime soon but that doesn't mean I don't think about my future as one. I was lucky to grow up in a home where I was loved unconditionally. I was allowed to dress how I wanted, hang out with who I wanted, and date who I wanted. Some of my friends were not so lucky though. Even in college, they cannot be truthful with their parents about who they are and who they are attracted to. They blame it on their parents' religion, traditional values and sometimes even their family's fear of being different. It's not just about their parents' disappointment but rather fearing their parents will stop loving them.

If your God tells you to stop loving your child because of their sexuality and then you follow through with it, you have failed as a parent. If you question your love for the child you brought into this world - who you promised by that account to love and support no matter what - because of what society or your friends say, then you have failed as a parent. Some may say I'm coming off as harsh and maybe I am. But I cannot even imagine casting my theoretical child aside for being who they are. I understand it's not easy to go against beliefs that you've grown up with. I was raised in a large traditional Italian Catholic family, but not once did I question whether my family would stop loving me if I loved someone who didn't fit 'conventional' standards.

While this doesn't necessarily affect me, a straight cis woman, it does affect people dear to me. I hope that parents who have turned away from their children because of something they cannot help, see this. I hope that they are shocked by my direct blame at them and it pushes them to change their views. It is not too late to ask for forgiveness; most kids are just waiting for you to chose them again. Did it severely hurt them when you chose to stop loving them? Of course. Will it take time to heal the relationship between you two? Definitely, but the time and effort to fix it is worth the energy.

Don't you want to watch your child walk down the aisle? Don't you want to be a part of your future grandchildren's life? Do you want to really be out of your child's life because you can't suck up your pride and just love them? The decision is up to you. Personally, I want to be their every moment - from their first steps to their first heartbreak to when they become a parent themselves. I will be their every step of the way, to support them when they can't themselves and to love them unconditionally. Nothing should stop you from loving your child, especially not who they decide to love. And if you can't make that promise to your children, then maybe you shouldn't have them at all. Every child deserves to be loved and know love by their parents.

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