Going to a lovelytheband Concert is Unlike Any Other
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Going To A lovelytheband Concert Is Like No Other

Out of every concert I've ever been to, I have to say that this is one of the best.

Going To A lovelytheband Concert Is Like No Other

Unlike other concerts I've been to, the lovelytheband concert on Wednesday, May 29th, was a purely alternative-rock show, and everyone knew how to dance and scream and have a great time.

I can't explain how I felt during the concert. It's odd because usually I am ready to write a concert review and I have noproblem finding the words to describe everything that I thought, felt, and experienced. This is very different, though.

I think part of it is that my brain can't process everything that happened.

Going into the show, I didn't expect much to happen to me. I didn't have a meet and greet (as much as I wanted one), I didn't have early entry (and the likelihood of barricade was wavering) and I didn't know the atmosphere would be like.

Walking into House of Blues was a wave of emotions - and running. Somehow Bri and I ended up at the barricade - standing in front of Sam Price's drums and shaking. I can't express the amount of adrenaline that was in my veins as I walked to the barrier.

Having two opening acts was different. I haven't ever been to a concert that had two opening bands, each with a 25-minute set, and have the headline begin an hour after the show was set to begin. It was interesting. I liked the bands! Modern Whale and New Dialogue are very talented and I suggest having a listen - their music is on Spotify!

Opening with 'make you feel pretty' was an incredible way to start the concert. Such a high energy song to sing and dance to, I started dancing before the chorus started. I couldn't stop smiling and I thought about how long I'd waited to see them sing live and I was finally getting to experience their live performances after waiting for over a year. 'emotion' and 'coachella' set the tone for the beginning of the set. Mitchy did not disappoint with his jokes about Disney World and their concert being the 'Happiest Place On Earth', calling him Mitchy Mouse (and changing his social media to that name), getting eaten by an alligator, and Orlando being one of their favorite places to visit.

Once my favorite song started playing, I lost my

mind. Bri and I made signs that said, "This is my Pity Party." and Mitchy started smiling and laughing at us because we wouldn't stop dancing and singing at the top of our lungs. Mitchy walked over to sing and point and smile at Bri and I so many times, and each time I could feel my smile get bigger.

Sam and Jordan talked about Sam's excitement over the Chick Fil A meal that he had that day - something with a peach, that coincidentally matched his peach shirt. Jordan complained about the Florida heat - which we all agreed with. Mitchy said that he might pass out because he wore a beanie and sweater on stage.

Happiness is all I felt.

Mitchy, Jordan, and Sam have been very open about their support of the LGBTQ+ community, women's rights, and mental health. One of the reasons I started loving them so much was because of their support and encouragement that I felt when I listened to their songs, especially, 'broken'.

'maybe, i'm afraid', is one of their songs on the debut ep/album, and their music video is dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community. Mitchy's speech before the song is inspiring and encouraging and makes everyone feel so loved and accepted, you could never feel like you don't belong.

Bri and I made songs for 'maybe, i'm afraid' and 'broken', and it made the songs, the speeches, and the experience feel very special to us.

'broken', is opened with a speech about mental health - the very thing that drew me to their music. "It's okay if you're anxious. It's okay if you have bipolar disorder. It's okay if you have OCD. It's okay if you have addictions. It's okay if you have anything else." It was that speech that made me start crying. It's not every day that you can hear one of your favorite artists say that everything that you think makes you 'broken' is okay.

Mitchy walked over in the very beginning of the song and blew Bri and I kisses for our signs, and his smile said everything that we wanted. It made him happy to see that he impacted someone - and believe me, he impacted my life in the best way.

It was that song, and the final chorus of 'these are my friends', that made me cry the most. It's that feeling of being so happy that you never want the concert to end, even though you know it's going to.

Seeing Mitchy, Jordan, and Sam take their bows before leaving the stage felt surreal because in the matter of an hour and a half, the moment I was waiting a year for, was over - as much as it made me happy.

Concert venues are weird. House of Blues usually starts moving people out of the venue as soon as the concert is over, but on Wednesday, the stage tech got off the stage and brought me a guitar pick. Sam tossed his drum stick towards me and because I'm too short, Bri caught it and I sat on the ground because that was all I wanted to get from the show.

Bri said, "GET UP, SAM IS ON STAGE."

Standing against the barrier, I yelled Sam's name and I started talking to him about his "Smile More" tattoo. I asked him to write it for me because the meaning really connected with me, and our conversation is something that I'll remember forever. I have the picture of him and I and it genuinely is one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.

Bri and I met Mitchy and Jordan outside, and I thanked Mitchy for always talking about mental health because it meant so much to me and so many people. He gave me such a big hug and thanked me and I couldn't believe what was happening. We took a group selfie, too!

Out of every concert I've ever been to, I have to say that this is one of the best.

I can't wait to see lovelytheband, again. I can't wait to see Mitchy, Sam, and Jordan and make my whole body ache from how much I'm dancing.

I encourage everyone to see lovelytheband live, at least once.

I'll forever remember this night. I'll forever be grateful for this.

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