My roommates and I have this running tradition, and potential goal, to watch every Hallmark and high-school-movie that we can find on Netflix. If we're feeling tired or upset or just had a long day, we'll always grab a box of popcorn, some tea, and watch the first movie that shows up in our queue. Some of the best memories I have are with my roommates laughing so hard at a horrible movie we picked after ordering our Postmates.

Here are some movies we have watched in the past, and that I highly recommend if you don't know what to watch!

1. "Dude"

This is a new Netflix movie that we watched the moment that it came out! It has some memorable moments and is really good to watch and fall asleep on the couch to.

2. "The Kissing Booth"

Another movie that I just watched recently, but one I love for how sweet it is. It portrays a healthy relationship between two platonic friends of different genders. Overall, it shows many healthy relationships I think are awesome to feel wholesome about.

3. "Be Somebody"

The lead character in this movie eerily looks like Justin Bieber, but the concept of the movie is the most interesting part of it.

4. "Christmas Belle"

Similar to the tale of "Beauty and the Beast," this movie has all the Hallmark elements of a Christmas movie that I want to be watching with my roommates when we drink hot tea and eat popcorn.

So, here are some movies I have definitely watched and binged overnight, and might just be the ones that you like, too. So grab a snack and a blanket, and kick back with some Netflix movies.