What to Make of the Ending of 'Love, Victor"
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What to Make of the Ending of 'Love, Victor"

What does it all mean?

What to Make of the Ending of 'Love, Victor"

Love, Victor is a classic story of a closeted gay son in a conventional family. Throughout the show, Victor figures out his sexuality, and is nervous to come out to his family because of homophobic tendencies they've expressed in the past. Once Victor is comfortable enough to be honest with himself and his friends, the time comes to tell his family. The moment is foreshadowed throughout the season, and it seems like the entire show leads up to it, which makes the ending a surprise. (Brace yourselves for spoilers.) At the end of the final episode, Victor musters the courage to say the words "I'm gay" to his family, but then the screen cuts to black, and the season is over. So why would the creative team behind Love, Victor end the show this way?

The ending exemplifies that Victor's coming out takes a great deal of vulnerability, and it is primarily about himself rather than those he tells. As an audience, we never get to see Victor's family's reaction because it is not as important as the fact that Victor has reached this point within himself. To express one's sexuality out loud is not an easy feat, and many people face even more difficulty when they come out to people who are close to them. People commonly wonder why they were not trusted enough to know earlier, which wrongfully redirects the focus of the coming out.

There are a few ways to interpret the ending of Love, Victor. On one hand, the writers may have ended the season on a cliffhanger to motivate viewers to watch a second season. Naturally, everyone wants to know how Victor's family will react to this grand revelation. But what if it isn't a cliffhanger at all? What if it's a complete story that should be appreciated for its own sake? Victor has conquered his greatest fear. He has said the words out loud and accepted himself. As an audience, we already know that his family is not going to take it well, and Victor knows that too, but he chooses to love himself instead of live in fear of others' reactions, which is portrayed by the ending being framed and cut this way.

Victor's journey toward discovering and accepting his sexuality did not go smoothly. He kissed Benji, who was in a relationship, making their friendship awkward. In that moment of passion, Victor seems to have lost everything. In trying to learn more about himself, he lost someone close to him, making it even more difficult for him to understand his feelings. But after honest conversations and unrelenting bravery, Benji and Victor are able to find happiness together. Benji was very influential in Victor's journey, and Victor was captivated by him from the very beginning of the season. It's hard to say if Victor would have even come out if it weren't for Benji's involvement in his life.

It is only after Victor and Benji decide to pursue a relationship that Victor tells his family about his own sexuality. Benji became a safe haven for Victor, and he quickly became the most important person in Victor's life. Once they confide in each other, Victor is ready to be honest with everyone else in his life.

Coming out is not a show. It's not a performance that's meant to be gawked at, and it's not about anything other than vulnerability, honesty, and strength.

Love, Victor does an excellent job of portraying this. The show is not meant to be about whether or not Victor is accepted by his family. It's his personal journey, and the audience is lucky to be on it with him. Victor is inspiring because of the way he opens up in the most difficult situations, even when he knows he will be attacked. This is his story -- not anybody else's.
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