Love Religion

Love Religion

It's time to return to our Eden and show our creator what we have learned.

626 John Doe

Before I begin, I would like all to understand goals are set, routes are forged and love will always win.

Africa deteriorates, disintegrating into fragments of a land torn by black and white hands.

Africa is the second largest continent and number one in mined minerals (substance of value). Yet there are about 600 million hectares of uncultivated arable land. Africa looks to outsiders to help its sustenance while the Lucifers and Lucy's bleed our home dry. Not our as in just my newbuian brothers and sisters but all of ours. Africa is the heart of our planet. It's devolution into poverty is one that pulls the world with it. We have been fooled pinned against each other because a few think they know a truth but it is there's and there's alone.

Do not succumb to the 1 percent, the ones who no longer need money. They get what they want because you need them to even own what is supposedly yours. You sit on their land, sleep on their sheets, dwell in their hands and we are the apples of their eyes. But they cannot own our minds and they cannot own our home; it is not theirs to do so with. They know this; why don't we?

Early 1990s, the continent was only receiving 5% of global exploration and mining development expenditure. A study by the World Bank on the shortcomings of African territories in the eyes of miners revealed a need for infrastructure, stable legal systems, a predictable scale regime, pro T repatriation guarantees, and access to foreign exchange. The changes that took place in Africa from 2000 to 2011 resulted in the continent receiving 15 percent of global exploration expenditure and mining investment during 2012. ( KPMG Services Proprietary Limited Mining Indaba Brochure 2013)

All this to say the world is helping Africa by making Africa share its fruit while its people crumble under its labor. Africa has been reduced to nothing more than a feedstock for the world's resources.

My brothers and sisters open your minds, wake up, stop fighting, and think. Now understand that Lucifer was an angel and there will always be evil. But we need to know, not just believe, but truly know with every fiber of our being that love will win. Stand hand in hand double spirited understanding outside of oneself and accepting even if you cannot comprehend. Let love be loved for we are made in the likeness of our the highest, gods among gods being able to sculpt entire worlds with the power of love. So infinite, we must become finite in the dedication. This is the love religion, realign ourselves to truth for truly we fell from God.

Let's take back our heart and build anew, a world focused not on the selfish principles of the self-absorbed nature but one that pushes us forward. The youth are the future and everything is within their grasp, this fact, it has been true throughout all of time.

Adam set to work sculpting his queen in the image of his God. Yes, a being so divine the gaudy seraphs tasted wine and sipped of sin. Her body of the earth entwined like a vine wrapped around his mind. To love such beauty must be such degradation. So softly he painted a crown on her head, knowledge to bear and nurture the universe.

With this bears fruit, forbidden and rare: Love.

"For if I must travel hell I will always choose you."

It's time to return to our Eden and show our creator what we have learned.

I Am 626 John Doe, a member of the love religion. I do not speak for others, nor do I stand for a cause. I simply exist with a purpose. I open my mind and heart in hopes those who feel my truth will aid in this purpose and push to make the world better. Gods among gods, we are meant to create universes.

My writings are cryptic but my message is clear. Ashay to all.

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