How do I choose a major?

I wish I had a dollar for everytime someone made a smart ass comment about my major. I would not be worrying about putting gas in my car or buying the brand name NyQuil.

I get it, my major is a bit of a hot topic right now, journalism. That does not change how much I love it, if anything, I just love it more. So to all the people who feel the need to make cute little comments about fake news and who I should report for, this one is for you.

I am aware of all the issues that come with it.

I know all about how hard it is to find a job in the area I want to be in. I know all about how little I could end up making at first, or even for a very long time. I am well aware that is is not the most "stable" of jobs, and I could do something I'm not 100% passionate about for a while. I am aware of the stigma surrounding my major. I know how much you or your mom hates certain aspects of what I want to do with my life.

That is all okay. I know these things, trust me, people won't let me forget them. From family members to the people I wait on as a server and everyone in between, everyone has an opinion on my major.

I still love it.

I'm not one of those students who chose their major just to please their parents or just because they needed one. I adore the things I am studying. I sit in class starry-eyed and listening to my professor who pretty much hung the moon. I walk past the building my school is located in on campus proudly, even if it's not the best building on campus. I get excited when I meet others who share the same major as me. Sometimes all I can talk about on the phone with my mom is how much I'm enjoying actually getting to learn about my major and do related things. I'm obsessed for a lack of better words.

I realize that my love for my major is totally okay, even though a little weird.

I know that loving my major does not make me more predisposed for anything. I feel like there is such a stigma around college students and actually thriving. We've created a culture of "barely surviving." The idea of actually thriving in college for any reason seems weird, even though it's supposedly what we're here for.

Parties. Booze. Freedom. Stuff like that.

That makes me think of college, not some dorky kid who stares wide-eyed at the professor in awe. That's the dorky early 2000's rom-com version of my life. It might be a little weird to actually enjoy something these days. I'm okay with it though.

I like to say it is the little things in life, and it really is. Sometimes it's the big things though. The things that people like to judge and not try to understand. Sometimes it's a major people in your hometown just like to make fun of.

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