Why I Love Movies

Why I Love Movies

All obsessions start somewhere

If I could belong to a religion based upon movies, I would. For as long as I can remember, I have been both obsessed and fascinated with the art of motion pictures. The art of filmmaking is my passion in life, and it is a defining factor of who I am. Movies have, and continue to, change my life, and someday, I’d like to make a film capable of changing someone else’s life. But this passion wasn’t created overnight. Like anything else, my love for film took time. My love for film began when I was little, was fostered throughout high school, and now I’m here today, in college, choosing to pursue a career in film.

I can more or less pinpoint the beginning of my burning passion. When I was little, three or four years old, I had an impressive collection of VHS tapes, hopefully everyone in this room is old enough to remember what those were. I must have had close to one hundred VHS’s in my collection, which contained a wide variety of titles.

Everything from Annie to Pocahontas lined the shelves of my bookcase. I adored popping these tapes into my VCR and playing them over and over again. I remember becoming immersed in all kinds of stories, which proved an escape from the all-too-comfortable world of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. These stories also caused my imagination to grow, and before I knew it, I was making up my own stories.

From these simple VHS tapes I began to learn all about the magic of the movies. Whether I knew it or not, I was studying the power and impact of stories and characters, not just staring at moving pictures on a screen. This was only the beginning of my now lifelong obsession, however. In high school, I took a class called “film appreciation”…three times! This classed taught me how to look at film more critically and recognize it as a true art form. Of course I became and remain close with the teacher of the course as well. And from then on, I was reassured that filmmaking was my calling in life.

So now I’m at Towson studying film. I am currently “rushing” in a film-based Greek society called, Lamba Kappa Tau. This experience is very enriching for me because in Lamba Kappa Tau, I’m surrounded by people who feel just as passionately about film as I do. People who also want to create art that is capable of changing people’s lives and creating an escape from reality.

Film inspires me everyday. And I’m lucky enough to go to a college where there is an entire society of people who both feel the same way as me, and understand me. Hopefully, both Towson and Lamba Kappa Tau will not only help my dream of becoming a film director/writer a reality but also help me create life-long friendships. Because a bond built on shared passions is a bond that lasts forever.

Now you’ve learned all about Annie and who I am as a person. I’m always down to talk about movies and give recommendations. I have a top ten list of all-time favorite films, but that’s a speech for another day. The art of filmmaking is my passion in life, and it is a defining factor of who I am. My love for film began when I was little, was fostered throughout high school, and now I’m here today, in college, choosing to pursue a career in film. Making art on film capable of changing someone’s life and providing a means of escape from reality is my dream. And with any luck, my dream will come true.
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