Dear XL T-Shirts and Nike Shorts,

You are my go-to outfit, I can do everything with you and still look super cute. I do everything from going to the gym to going on dates in you. People look at me and call me "lazy" or a "typical college girl" because all of us girls wear the EXACT same lounge outfit: XL t-shirt and Nike shorts.

You are an outfit that I do not have to think about matching, looking cute in, or liking for that matter. You take less than 1 minute to put together and for that I am so so so grateful. You look so cute with flip flops, sneakers, sanuks, moccasins, birkenstocks, etc. You are my absolute comfiest outfit by far. You are extra comfortable when it is my boyfriend xl tshirt too.

Half the time my nike shorts and tshirts are completely mismatch but I will wear them together anyways because who cares? As long I am comfortable I do not care at all. I feel so free in you and I feel myself in you more than any other outfit I own. Do you want to know the best thing about tshirts? You can have one for every occasion! One for the gym, one for a date, one for going out, one for bed!

They come in so many colors and cue decals you cannot get tired of them. Wanna know the best thing about norts? You can wear them to class, they come in SO many colors, you look sporty when you aren't at all, and everyone wears them.

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Also, they make the freshman-15 not that noticeable! People are shocked when they see me dressed up because they are so used to seeing me in big shorts and norts all the time. If you hate Nike shorts (norts for short) and extra large t-shirts, I believe that you may not be human after all! I will see you at my intervention for xl tees and norts!


A comfy college kid