Dear S'well Bottle,

Where do I even begin in explaining the insane appreciation I have for you. You were a Hanukah gift this year, and even though I knew you would be inside of that cylinder covered in wrapping paper, the anticipation to finally meet you was killing me inside. I had requested you be the larger size, because I am in fact dehydrated almost 24/7, and there you were. I was ecstatic to meet you, and to this day, at 4 am each morning, I am so excited to see you filled with water next to my bed. Except for those times where I forget to put water in and I wake up dying of thirst, but that's my fault. Overall, you're really great.

Even when you are filled with ice, making loud noises as I walk through campus, much to the complaints of my walking companions, you are still there. You keep everything ice cold, and I almost never leave the house without you. The days where you are not in my bag are the worst, and I cannot even make it through class without thinking, "If I had my S'well, I would not be this thirsty," or "If I had my S'well, this water would be ice cold". You just brighten my day when I see you taking up 70% of my backpack, but I wouldn't ask for it any other way.

At this current moment, I see you in all your glory. You're the best accent piece on my bedside table as you make sure to always be there at all hours of the day. My favorite part about you, however, is the wristband I placed around your neck. It was too big for my own wrist, but I knew it would fit you just right. ‘#ParklandStrong' it reads. Being from the town over, the hashtag has really impacted all of us. And there is no better accent piece to you, my dearest s'well, than something so intense.

You are my best friend, my savior, the greatest gift I have ever received. You are kind, you are smart, you are important.

So I thank you, S'well. I thank you every day, through all the dings and dents from when I dropped you that one time in the kitchen in the middle of the night (sorry for that). I am forever indebted to your greatness.


Your most thankful owner