Love Letter To The Ocean
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Love Letter To The Ocean

You and I are the same.

Love Letter To The Ocean
Jon Vilma

Dear Ocean,

So according to my Oceanography class, there are four of you around the world, plus one (no I don’t mean five, I mean four and one, don’t ask me why). That must feel strange, having bits and pieces of yourself all across the globe. Do the parts of you ever miss one another?

My professor said that you weren’t always this way, all broken up. That makes me sad. He told me that once upon a time, you were one, a whole entire you, unbroken. That was before your roomies (the ones you share this planet with) the landmasses, got all hormonal and decided to break up from each other (the pricks), which caused you to break up from yourself, too. You even had a beautiful name, Panthalassa.

But now you’re sort of just...scattered. I’m sorry if you preferred the former. But you know what, Ocean? I actually kind of understand how you feel. You see, I was once whole too, but now, I don’t even know who I am anymore. I leave traces of my being all over the world, touching every corner, filling every crack, just like you do. But I always yearn for the time in the beginning when I was just one whole me, instead of many mes, thousands of mes, displaced in time and space.

There is one thing that makes me feel at home though, wherever I may happen to be. You. It seems that no matter where I live, there is always water nearby--a river, a pond, a beach. I have never been landlocked, living always on the coast, or an island. Islands are the best, for you are never far from my reach.

I love nothing more than to lay on your sandy shores and watch you break over them, day after day, night after night, white foamy tips reaching out to kiss them endlessly. The sound of your waves, whether they are gentle or violent, high or low, resonates with my heart.

But most of all, I love that you are always there, whenever I need you. If I am feeling sad or alone, I want nothing more than to wade into your welcoming waters and let you hold me until I feel whole again. I have bled so many tears into your waves, the salt from my eyes mixing with yours. It never seems to matter where I am on the globe, you are always just a short walk away.

And so I thank you Ocean, so dearly. I thank you for never breaking my trust, for being a loyal friend, for giving me a home wherever I am in this chaotic world. I hope you know how much you mean to me, and I'm sorry for those of my kind who abuse you and poison you and hurt you.

I swear I will do whatever I can to protect you, for you're the only one we've got. You gave us life, the greatest gift of all. It only makes sense to treat you with the respect you deserve.



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