Love is Stronger than Hate

The word "hate" meant something different when I was a child. I'd "hate" trying deviled eggs. I'd "hate" waking up early for school. These were things that I didn't particularly like to do rather than feeling so strongly, it would cause disruption within myself.

Adulthood would introduce what "hate" looked like; I saw depictions of the true definition of the word. Many stories dealing with race, sexual orientation, religion, and a wide range of others. It was more serious than trying deviled eggs or waking up early. People were being harmed or worst. The world had gone crazy.

I look to one of the most prevalent forms of hate: hate of self. Love is more important than hate because it is one of the things that makes us truly grow. I'm not saying that loving within ourselves will fix all of the problems that hate creates in the world, but could it not be the start of learning how to love others?

There are moments when I have to reflect about being hard on myself versus not liking a lot about who I am. Like many people, I have my traits I would improve on, but I am the only one like myself in the world.

No, I'm not the best to ever walk it, but I do everything I can to be true to who I am; to love within in a world that couldn't properly pick out what that means.

Hate is strong but love is stronger because loving from within keeps you spiritually calm. It helps you to see more clearly, not just for yourself, but for those around you. If you are kept strengthened by positivity, this can create a chain-reaction in the people who you are close with.

However, there are people who would rather keep up with hate. You cannot change every person, but never forget that the smallest action can go the distance.

Love can cause pain if used on those who can only care about themselves. For these individuals, don't spend another second because you'll strip away all of your inner self.

I ask that you surround yourself with people and things that love or bring about love healthily. For hate is strong, but love is stronger because of your inner glow beaming steadily.

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