Love is Bruff

Love is Bruff

#bruffislove #bruffislife

Love is Bruff.

Being a young 19-year-old, I don’t really have the perfect definition of love or how it feels or what it’s like to lose it. Throughout my (short) dating history, however, I have been able to find things I can relate to being “in love” (I use quotation marks because literally no one can describe what feeling love is like because it’s different for everyone). Some things I relate love to are the new "Game of Thrones" season or watching Avery on "Grey’s Anatomy" do his thang. Here at Tulane University, there is a place we all hold dear in our hearts, a place you would not venture unless there was just at least a small hint of love. Yes people, I’m talking about Bruff.

Love is getting the last bowl at the cereal station.

Love is being able to eat a banana without being put on the Tulane banana eating page.

Love is no line at the panini station.

Love is Creole Creamery.

Love is when they put in more Special K.

Love is when you’re the last person in the omelette line before they close it.

Love is smiley fries and chicken nuggets.

Love is fried chicken day.

Love is cheese day (seriously, if you don’t love cheese day, I don’t know how you love at all. I’m lactose intolerant and still love cheese day).

Love is gluten-free donuts.

Love is when you go to get pizza (because you’re allowed to eat pizza any day of the week, no matter what) and they’re putting a new pie out.

Love is when the carving station has meat you can recognize.

Love is cram-jam snacks and dessert. Shout-out to YooHoo–1970s forever (a.k.a. the decade Bruff was built).

Love is when the people working at Bruff know your name and say hi to you.

Love is giving you extra chicken on your salad from the sandwich station.

Love is strawberry yogurt and fresh strawberries.

Love is sweet raspberries.

Love is breakfast for dinner.

Love is people-watching (don’t lie, we all do it).

Love is not having to wait for a burger to be made.

Love is tater tots.

Love is “family” dinners.

Love is being tapped in when you’ve used up all your swipes.

Love is open high-tables by the waffle maker.

Love is chocolate chips at the ice cream station that you put in your waffles.

Love is fresh lettuce.

Love is Oz.

Love is dry bowls.

Love is Greek yogurt (I personally would rather eat the strawberry, but Greek is a fan favorite).

Love is being labeled a “Super Bruff Fan.”

Love is so many chocolate chip cookies.

Love is Bruffing alone.

Love is mac-and-cheese.

Love is when they call you baby.

Love is...

Love is many things–it’s ice cream and yogurt and Special K and chicken nuggets. Most importantly, loving Bruff doesn’t mean losing anything in the process. Bruff will always be there for your omelette and cheese day needs, and when you leave Bruff, you know you’ll be back oh-so-soon (maybe way too soon). Yes, love is rough but the most important thing about love is how it allows you to appreciate what you have while you have it, because it can all change so suddenly.

Love is pizza, love is panini-makers, love is accepting and moving on, love is getting hurt, love is being so happy you can’t sit still–love is, well, Bruff.

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​21 Things You Need To Do The Year You Turn 21

Cheers to twenty-fun!

There’s a reason people call 21 "twenty-fun." This is one of those years that has the potential to beat all others. All you need are some great friends, a spirit hungry for adventure, and this list of 21 crucial things to fill your year with.

1. Get carded as often as possible.

There’s pretty much no better feeling than when you’re finally 21 and you can order drinks with no fear of being turned down.

2. Tell people what you want with #NoRagrets.

This year is no longer the year to hold in your thoughts out of fear that you don’t deserve what you want. Decide on your dreams (life, career, whatever) and shout them from the rooftops.

3. Find your “Go to Hell” outfit.

You know the one – that outfit you feel so good in that you could tell literally anyone to “go to hell” without blinking an eye. Yep. Buy it. Own it. Kill it.

4. Experience more than normal.

Look at life through someone else’s eyes, visit another country, practice empathy. There’s more to life than black and white. Just experience a little more than your normal. You’ll be a better person for it.

5. Kill the LinkedIn game.

It’s cool to be professional AF.

6. Go on a few dates.

With your significant other, mom, dad, best friends, that stranger you’ve been crushing on, yourself.

7. Learn how to be comfortable with uncomfortable.

Not everything is going to be your cup of tea and not everyone is going to be exactly like you. Learn to appreciate everyone’s differences and your days will get a little brighter.

8. Find a quality genre of music and stick with it.

Top 40 is cool and all, but there are so many genres out there so don’t be afraid to grow your musical palette.

9. Treat yo-damn-self.

To a nice meal out. To those new shoes. To that second Starbucks. To that big piece of cake. To that crazy concert. Self-love is important, too.

10. Strike up conversations with as many strangers as you can.

You never know who you could meet if you just take a second to talk to the person in line in front of you or walking the same way as you. This is the age to form good networking habits.

11. Explain why your license isn’t flipped the ‘right’ way.

Yes, you’re really 21. You just haven’t gotten your new flipped ID yet.

12. Make your forever friends.

What’s life without your forever friends?

13. Gym so hard.

Hit up the gym and eat some spinach every once in a while. It’s good for ya.

14. Buy your parents drinks.

Imagine how funny (or scaring) it’ll be hearing your dad tell the hot bartender some of his ‘high-quality’ dad jokes.

15. Splurge a little money.

Like I said before, treat yo-damn-self.

16. Save a little money.

But, treat yo-damn-self within reason. Your future self will thank you.

17. Always give a solid tip at restaurants.

A nice tip can go a long way… and I mean the monetary kind.

18. Perfect your Insta game.

Juno? Ludwig? Valencia? Choose your favorite filter and throw it over everything. Whether it be your #foodie lunch or your beach pics, find your ~aesthetic~ and stick with it.

19. Make sure your jerk radar is properly calibrated.

This will get you so far in life and save you so much wasted time.

20. Cross a few things off your bucket list.

If you don’t have a bucket list, now’s the time to make one and start checking things off one-by-one. You’ll never realize how much you’ve really done until you see a big list with a bunch of marks through it.

21. Live. A lot.

Okay, so maybe 9+10 is not 21 (#RIPVine), but this is a huge year for you. This might be your last big birthday before the big 5-0 so make sure you’re always living every moment to the fullest.

Cover Image Credit: Lauren LeBouef

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9 Classic, Microwaveable Meals That Won't Burn Your Bank Account

If you haven't tried at least two of these nine things, you're uncultured.


As a kid, having pizza rolls or a hot pocket after school was very common and a way for your mom to get you to chill out until dinner time. Then came a time when we thought we'd never see these items again or at least until we had our own kids. College came around and they made an abrupt entrance back into our lives. These are the 9 microwavable meals that will get you through the semester.

1. Pizza Rolls

pizza rolls

The classic microwavable meal. If you're a kid or a college student, you know this is the snack you're coming home to after class. You can have 5 or 50 and the flavors are endless.

2. Chicken Pot Pie

Personally my favorite. Pop this bad boy in the microwave for 5 minutes and you have yourself a flaky dish that feels like it's on fire. I've never taken 'caution hot' more seriously on a package.

3. Ramen Noodles

ramen noodles

Most people make these on the stove top, but you can pop these in the microwave as well. I use a special contraption to cook mine in that I got off of eBay, but I'm sure a bowl with a lid will do just fine.

4. Macaroni n' Cheese

mac n cheese Giphy

Bob Evans mac n' cheese is the best in the microwave. You won't regret that decision at 2 in the morning.

5. Hot Pockets

hot pocket Giphy

Another classic. If ham and cheese isn't your favorite, then we can't be friends. These also tend to be on fire when you bite into them so take caution. They're super easy to eat on your way to class though.

6. Pizza Bagel Bites

pizza bagel bites

These are often forgotten or overshadowed by the pizza rolls. This was a common dish in the lunch room brought by kids whose mom's always packed their lunches for them.

7. Chicken Wings

chicken wings

One word: Tyson.

8. Mashed Potatoes

mashed potatoes

Bob Evans is another fan favorite here. Forget peeling potatoes, just put it in the microwave for 3 minutes.

9. Anything in a steam bag


If you're a mom, you know what I'm talking about. In my home, we have something out of a steamed bag at least 3 times out of the week. Gotta get those greens.

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