Love Is A State That Only The Brave Are Destined For

Love Is A State That Only The Brave Are Destined For

"Being deeply loved gives you strength. Loving deeply gives you courage"

-Lau Tzu

We often tend to avoid or think twice about situations in which we may hurt ourselves. We like to make sure we are safe, which is why many in this current generation believe in the common stigma against being in a relationship. We tend to say we are not looking to have the "commitment at a young age" or that we don't want to have so much "responsibility." But honestly, we are avoiding the pain.

If you have ever been through heartbreak, you know firsthand how crushing and exhausting the experience is. It takes everything from you. Your thoughts are consumed and racing, your days blend together, your soul literally aches. You put yourself to bed anyway you can, and pass the moments along as quickly as humanly possible. You want time to move along to separate yourself from this period of pure and utter pain. You want your heart to close up and to build your strength up again.

But is this really what strength is? Is it strong of us to keep ourselves closed off from others? Is it strong of us to not care about our relationships? We have all come to believe that those who hold no feelings are the ones with the upper hand. But as a generation, we are strongly mistaken. We are missing out.

We are missing out on that connection where someone knows every corner of our brains and can tell us what were thinking before we even know it ourselves. We are missing out on that feeling of pure joy just by seeing someones face. We are missing out on the euphoria of a feeling so beyond ourselves, because we are scared. Not because we are strong.

Love is being vulnerable. Love is leaving yourself open to someone who could choose to break every part of you at any moment. Love is scary. Love is a state that only the brave are destined for.

Bravery is not the absence of fear, it is fear being present, but deciding to go for it anyways. We are all scared; of the future, of the unknown. We all start off with fear, we all have fear intertwined in our brain down to our hearts. But it is moving past that fear and opening yourself up; that is what love is all about.

Those who have experienced heartbreak and can open themselves up to love again; those are the few who truly know the depths of bravery. Those are the ones that are in touch with the very essence of their souls, and are destined for a love so incredibly strong. Those are the ones who will find life's great love, because they are brave enough to do so.

You give yourself to someone fully, and thus, trust them to hold your heart in the most gentle form one can. They are yours, and you are theirs. And together you are building a strong, yet vulnerable bond. And that is the most beautiful thing a couple can do. Letting go of fear in any part of your life lets you fully experience what is in front of you. So why are we fighting against this?

Here's to those brave enough to bare their souls in the name of love. May your hearts stay free and vulnerable in your journey.

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How "The Office" And "Parks and Recreation" Taught Me How To Adult

This is how I learned how to correctly adult.

LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLEEEEEE! Nah, let's just talk about all the ways that "The Office" and "Parks and Rec" got me through my roughest semesters of college.

I started watching "The Office" as a favor to my wonderful boyfriend, who claims that I don't have enough culture. I would rather watch a movie than dedicate my time to a show, but immediately, I loved this and fell in love with the character development.

Both of the hilarious sitcoms, although more dramatized than what actually goes on in a workplace setting, teach you a lot about life in general and frankly, give me hope that I will make it through actual adulthood. There are a couple of different ways that I am going to break this down, in that it will partly be a character/show analysis and comparison, and partly a debrief on the takeaway life lessons of both shows.


There are so many things that are heartfelt and compassionate in both of these shows, and personally, I truly appreciate the way that they present awesome life lessons in ridiculously, (sometimes, scarily accurate), funny ways that hit you right in the feels. To begin with, my first lesson that I learned, is that it is totally okay to mess up again, and again, and again until you get it right. In "The Office," you constantly see Pam and Jim falling for other people when it is clear that they should ultimately end up together to right the universe. Time and time again, within "Parks and Recreation," Leslie comes up with schemes to try and help the city of Pawnee yet instead, cause more problems than she began with. All this is just to say that even though the shenanigans that are caused become problematic to the original goal, the characters find ways to make it work. I think this is why I love these two shows so much; at the end of every episode, there is a sense that everything will be okay and we all will survive.

The most beneficial lesson to come out of these shows is that it is okay to have no idea what you are doing right now and it's okay to have no idea what the future has in store. Cause let's face it, there has never been any given "correct" way on how to go about stumbling through life, (and if there was, we would be living in sci-fi novel). I say that as long as you are happy and you fight hard for what you believe in, that is all anyone can ask for. And gosh darn it, I feel pretty accomplished getting out of bed and going to classes every day and if I remember to eat, it's been a stellar day!

A theme that is emphasized within "Parks and Recreation" is that there are always two paths to take and the path that you choose may be harder and more winding, but will ultimately pay off. While Tommy represents the ultimate "get rich quick scheme" character (seemingly the easiest route), it is proved that when he actually puts his mind to it, he develops thoughtful and ingenious ideas for both his benefit and his friends. This lesson is also represented in both shows through their relationships that have us grabbing the edge of our seats in anticipation. Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger end up happily together, but only after years of halting their relationship as both friends or lovers. Also, the great love story of Michael and Holly in "The Office" leave you so heartbroken and happy at the same time that we don't know how to feel.

All in all, I think that as someone who has often had to encounter things that others haven't, as well as had to grow up faster than most of my peers, the one lesson that I consider the takeaway from both quirky comedies, is to always be true to yourself and you will find who you are along the way. Now I know that that sounds extremely cheesy emotional, but it's true. don't ever let someone turn you into something you are not. Obviously, in relationships and friendships and any other kind of 'ships', there is some give and take that occurs. And that is totally normal and good to have happen, but when it comes to the people who you truly care about and who care about you, let them see your flaws and your quirks and ridiculous obsessions that you won't show anyone else. Here's why... it is exhausting keeping up a charade (or multiple), forever. And you will eventually slip up. So that's why Leslie is ambitious and pushy, April is the forever moody teenager and Michael is the ridiculous boss; because it works for them and you accept them for who they are.

Although there are many other lessons to be learned from these shows, I wanted to touch on the ones that meant the most to me. The major themes of character development and brilliantly thought-out directing, creates a light-hearted way to speak to all kinds of people; from the Leslie's and Michael's, all the way to the Garry's and Angela's.

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I'm The Millennial Who Finally Got Around To Watching 'Friends' And You Should Too

I learned how to do the middle finger in a secret way.

The show “Friends” is everywhere on social media. There are many articles written about the characters and the inside jokes of the show and scenes from the show are shared on Facebook with the caption “The best scene in television history.” All of these things led me to watch the show, even though I felt it was going to be very boring and stupid but that was me judging a book by its cover. Now that I’ve sat down and watched every episode, I love reading the articles about the show, and I can give my friends the middle finger in a secret way.

When I started watching “Friends” I wasn't watching it because I wanted to, I was watching it slowly and not really paying attention, it wasn't until mid-season one that I started to realize that “Friends” is really funny and a good show. You have to want to watch “Friends” when you start it because it starts out really slow at least for me it did, but for a person to want to watch something you need reasons to want to watch it, I’m giving you six reasons why you should watch “Friends.”

1. Relatable characters

Every character in this show even the ones that are in there for one episode is relatable in some way. But you will feel a stronger connection with the main characters. I personally relate to Chandler on a different level, I act exactly like him. They have Joey who loves food to an extreme; name another person that carries a fork in their pocket and doesn't want to go on a date with a person anymore because they took some of their food. The only person I can think of is Joey.

2. Humor is above 10

The jokes are hilarious. From the words that come out of their mouths to the faces they make when someone says something about the things they do with their hands, this show will have you dying laughing.

3. Makes you want to fall in love

There are many relationships in this show that will make you mourn for a relationship like that. Chandler and Monica’s marriage is one everyone wants, you want a person you are able to talk to and show your true self with. Rachel and Ross’s relationship shows that you can get through every obstacle that comes your way if you try and if you try together.

4. Teaches you about friendship

The show is called “Friends” so obviously it’s going to teach you about friendship. It shows you what a real friendship looks like, how to be a good friend, and how to act like a good friend. And they do this by showing different ways to be a good friend with different types of people that have different interest. It teaches you that you don’t need a friend that has the exact same interest of you, you can have one that is the complete opposite of you and still have one of the best friendships ever.

5. Teaches you about growth

In the duration of the 10 seasons of “Friends”, you see every character grow in certain ways. How the characters grow, show that growth doesn’t make you a completely different person it just opens your eyes to something that's inside of you or something helps you change a way that you see something. At the beginning of the show Joey was all about just having sex with a girl and never calling them and even forgetting that he had sex with them but towards the end of the show, we see him start to have real feelings towards girls.

6. Teaches you who you should surround yourself with

This reason links with number four. You should surround yourself with people that make you comfortable and lets you be yourself and doesn't judge you for certain things that are out of your control. Surround yourself with the people that laugh with you instead of the people that laugh at you, those people love you for the person you are.

Cover Image Credit: NBC Universal//Flickr

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