To My First Car, I Wish I Appreciated You More When I Had You

To My First Car, I Wish I Appreciated You More When I Had You

Only one door opened, so that certainly made dates interesting.

Jacob Lyon

You were amazing, and I wish I appreciated you more during our time spent together.

I remember the day I got you. I was working at Doc's on a hot summer Friday night when my parents pulled into the parking lot with you. That night of work couldn't have gone by any slower, all I wanted to do was hop in and cruise around in a car I could call my own.

You were perhaps the most charming first car anyone could ever ask for. Your custom paint job that looked as if someone had doused you in silly string is forever ingrained in my mind. Eventually, most people in the area knew who I was just from my car alone.

I loved you despite all the problems you had, which is too many to even mention. You didn't have much of a muffler, so it was always a very loud ride no matter where I went. I got pulled over about half a dozen times just because of how insanely loud you were. Only one door opened, so whenever I had passengers they had to either jump through the window or get in through the driver's side. That certainly made dates interesting.

Your gas gauge was always broken, so I never knew if I had a full tank or not. Most of the caution lights were on in the dash, but you kept pushing through no matter what stupid situation I got myself into. I'm sorry for making you listen to all my shitty music, and I'm sorry that you had to hear whatever wacky conversation my friends and I were having.

Remember when I let so much garbage pile up in the trunk that I could see it in my rearview mirror, poking up over the seats? Or the many times I pushed you over one hundred miles per hour, despite you sounding as if you were dying? Or when my friend "broke in" (your locks never worked) and poured packing peanuts all over, and I just never bothered to clean you because I thought it was funny?

Thank you for being there for me no matter what. You got me through high school, and you've given me some of my favorite memories to date. It hurts that we had to part ways, but we are both in better situations now. I'll never forget you. I always seemed to alternate names for you, but I remember that "The Master Chief Mobile" stuck around longer than most. So thank you, Master Chief Mobile. You were an absolute legend. I'll never forget you.

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