Why I Love The Farmer's Market
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Why I Love The Farmer's Market

Ten reasons why it's one of my favorite places.

Why I Love The Farmer's Market
Sarah Ferguson

I personally cannot imagine a better Saturday morning than sleeping in a little bit, getting dressed comfy-cute, and going to the Waco Farmer's Market with the girls I love most—especially when it cools down a little bit and there's a breeze to be felt. Farmer's markets have a way of providing a breath of fresh air. They give us the opportunity to appreciate the simple pleasures of this life: sunshine, good food, music, and friends. Here are 10 specifics explaining why I love the farmer's market.

1. The Visuals

Nowhere else will you see fresh produce, fresh flowers, and fresh faces in an outdoor setting, all available for purchase (minus the faces).

2. Supporting Local Vendors and Artisans

Like to shop local? There is no better place to do it. The products are homemade or homegrown, and there is no middleman involved. Farmer's markets tend to represent well the community they are a part of.

3. Photo Ops

If you are anything like my friends and I, you don't miss a chance to turn a memory into a photograph. I can't speak for every farmer's market across the nation, but the one in Waco is seated on the Brazos river with McLane Stadium in view—picturesque much? Plus there is a "Before I Die..." wall (bring your own chalk) that has been the background of many a photo.

4. Families. Babies. Dogs.

These are three things you don't get to be around nearly enough in college. If you get lucky, you'll see a family with a baby and a pet dog. Talk about cute.

5. The Food

The selection is endless: crêpes, fancy grilled cheese, better-than-average popsicles, pastries, fruit of all sorts, gourmet popcorn, etc. You can take a seat and chow down or explore while munching.

6. The Beverages

Amish iced coffee, chai tea, turmeric tonic—you name it. You can find the perfect drink to complement your breakfast or lunch.

7. Conversation

You have the ability to converse face-to-face with the person who grew/made/crafted the product you want to purchase. You can ask questions, learn some history, and express your appreciation in the flesh. Where else is that a thing?

8. Running Into People You Know

Since these places are such hubs, you are bound to cross paths with a few of your friends, acquaintances...that guy from English. Depending, this could be a good or a not so good thing, so be prepared.

9. It's The Perfect Date Spot

Or so I've been told.

10. The Presence of Diversity

People of all ages, races, and walks of life come to the Waco Farmer's Market specifically. It is open to anyone and you technically don't have to spend any money to attend.

If you've never been to one...go! You won't regret it.

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