Coffee is a college student's best friend. Yes, I placed coffee above dogs.

Drinking a cup of coffee every morning, whether that means brewing it at home or stopping by Dunkin' on the way to work, has become a part of my morning routine. I feel odd not drinking coffee because it's so normal for me.

I love the taste of coffee. It's fun going to different coffee shops and trying their specialty drinks. I'm lucky that I haven't experienced the addictive side of coffee. If you're feeling sick because of coffee, I would suggest you lay off of it a little. This article is just poking fun at fellow coffee lovers.

Here are some signs that you might love coffee too much...and that's okay.

1. The baristas recognize you.


This happened to me last semester. The baristas knew I wanted an iced mocha and remembered my name. I loved that, but I was a little embarrassed that I showed up so often (love ya, Saxbys).

2. When you find out you're getting coffee, it makes your day.


My boyfriend sometimes takes me out to get coffee, and I get so excited. I don't know how to explain it, except that it's kind of sad. He says it's cute, but I don't know.

3. You have so many bags of coffee beans.


Bonus points if a lot of them are from local coffee shops and you just haven't gotten around to trying them yet (I'm guilty).

4. You have tons of creamers in the fridge.


I used to only drink coffee black, but once I discovered how GOOD creamers taste...I just couldn't go back.

5. You have way too many mugs.

Do it for Instagram, right?

6. You deny that you spend too much money on coffee, but you know it's true.


I spend a lot of my money on coffee, and it really hurts to admit that.

7. You tell yourself that you'll spend less money on coffee next paycheck.


Your brain immediately forgets it.

8. Everything you do involves coffee.


If we're hanging out, I might want to go to a coffee shop. If I have a class in 30 minutes, you bet I'm getting coffee first. If I finally have a day off, I'm still getting coffee. Yeah, I drink it in almost every situation.

9. You don't really feel normal until you've had it.


"Don't talk to me before I've had my coffee" is a real thing, and I'm not joking. Don't test me.

10. You totally could stop drinking it, but just choose not to.


Sorry I literally only drink coffee and water. I know it's weird and it's a problem, but at least I know when to stop...right? (Yes, I do know when to stop...after 2 cups a day for me. It's just so hard to resist!)