Louis Le Prince: The inventor of the first moving picture camera

Louis Le Prince: The inventor of the first moving picture camera

Nope, it wasn't Edison

Thomas Edison and the Lumiere brothers are those who are usually credited with having creating cameras and film as we know it. But what if I told you that none of them are the true inventors of moving pictures or "movies"? That title might just belong to Louis Le Prince.

The date was October 14, 1888, and the place was Leeds. Louis Le Prince was at a garden party and brought a strange mahogany contraption.

(This is the camera that is believed to be used on Oct.14, 1888)

And he filmed this.

Yup. It's moving. It's a picture. It's a moving picture. It's a movie. I mean it looks more like a gif, but we all know that comes just a little bit later.

And before you ask, yes there is proof this was filmed on October 14, 1888. Because one of the women showed in this film died just 10 days later.

This was filmed three years before Thomas Edison would publically show off his moving picture so why do we know his name instead of Louis Le Prince's?

After inventing his camera Le Prince needed to find a way to show what he was filming and a material more durable than what he was already using which was too delicate he would need that because he wanted multiple showings from one piece of film.

And of course, Le Prince wanted to patent his camera.

In fact, he was on his way to New York, where he wanted to publically unveil his camera and probably would have been able to secure a patent for his work.

But then he disappeared.

Le Prince was visiting his brother in Dijon, France on September 16, 1890, when he boarded a train from Paris to Leeds where he was planning on picking up his film device and then travel back to New York to meet up with his family and finally unveil his invention. The only piece of luggage he carried with him on the train, the first leg of his journey, was a briefcase said to contain sensitive information on patents for his camera. He hadn't secured the patent yet and was still in the process of tweaking them to fit the description of his single lens camera.

Louis Le Prince stepped on to that train and was never seen again. The briefcase disappeared with him, with the documents describing his invention was never seen again either.

So what happened to him? We still don't know but there are plenty of theories.

There are some reports that say he was in debt, from pouring money into his invention, and wanted a press restart on his life. But why would he choose to disappear when he was so close the final steps before finalizing the patent and making his invention public?

Did Thomas Edison send men to capture and possibly kill Louis Le Prince? Elizabeth Le Prince, Louis Le Prince's wife, strongly believed this theory. And the timeline does make sense. In 1888 Thomas Edison began to seriously think about moving pictures but Le Prince had already filmed his first moving picture. When Le Prince disappeared he was traveling to New York to show the world his work and get an American patent. While there is very little proof that Edison hired anyone and sent them to Europe to stop Le Prince there is a strong motive there.

Even though Louise Le Prince's son, Adolphe, would bring in his grandmother's death certificate proving that she had died just 10 days after that one short moving picture was filmed. The courts decided that there was no conclusive proof that Le Prince filmed that with a single lens camera.

But they were only looking at Le Prince's US patent, which focused on his sixteen lens camera, unlike his French or English patents. If Le Prince's US patent had included the phrase "one or more lenses" this never would have happened. He had argued over the wording but lost the fight because the United States already had a single lens camera patent under Le Prince's name, but that was for a camera taking still pictures not moving pictures.

The courts, after years of going back and forth, would side with Edison and Le Prince's name, along with the documents that would have secured his place in history, and the man himself would disappear. Never to be seen again, not even on a history book page.

But now you know who the real inventor the single lens moving picture camera is.

Cover Image Credit: https://lalibretadeirmagallo.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/louis-le-prince.jpg?w=1200

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Summer In College Is For More Than Just Working

No, you're never to hold to have fun in the summer.


There should never be an age where you stop having fun in the summer. The weather is nice, there are always things to do, and everyone is just naturally happier. So, regardless of whether you're 7 or 21, I'm talking to you.

During the year it can be hard to find a routine unless you are a very put together person. Sadly, I am not. Even when I tell myself I'm going to eat healthily, work out, and stop procrastinating, I usually don't follow through with that. At school, I find myself in somewhat of a constant catch-up mode. When I feel like I'm ahead on my homework or studying, that usually means I'm behind on being healthy in other aspects of my life. That is why I love summer. It's a chance to reset the clock for a second and catch your breath.

I get that having an internship or working is important for your post-graduation life, but having fun is important for your college years too. When you get a job in the real world, summer is going to look a lot different for you. That is why it's best to take advantage of the time now. This doesn't mean turning down that work experience, it means doing things other than just working.

First things first is finding a hobby you enjoy that you don't do at school. Pick it up for a little over the summer. Why not? For me, this is yoga. For whatever reason, I find myself too nervous to attend yoga classes at school. I have absolutely no reason to be anxious about doing something I like, but I am so I take the time to attend a few classes a week in the summer.

Secondly, try reading. Before you make that look of disgust on your face, think about the last time you read a book of your choosing. If it was recently, then kudos to you for managing your time well enough to do that. If you are not that person, then hello! I am talking to you. I am not a fan of reading because I usually associate it with homework. However, I find that when I have the time to browse the book section of a store for a few seconds, I find multiple books that jump out at me. During the summer I take the opportunity to read a little here and there. The nice part of leisure reading over school reading is that there's no deadline. You can read what you want when you want to.

Finally, learn something new. Again I usually associate learning with things that I am required to learn for my major. Learning something new that interests you is a different kind of rush. When I'm bored in class, I make bucket lists of little things I want to learn about. They can be big or small. One time I wanted to learn how to knit. Don't ask me why my 19-year-old self thought it would be sweet to sit on my porch in the summer knitting, but I did, and I'm kind of sad I didn't pursue that interest. When might I ever have time to learn how to knit again?

These might sound like quirky things to do, but you're young. Make a bucket list and try to cross one thing off each weekend. If you're like me, then you're a little scared of growing up. Scared you won't be able to accomplish all the things you want to. But, the fact of the matter is no one is going to make you accomplish them but you. So, take some initiative and do them. Summer is for more than just working; it's time to live a little and reset the clock.

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Why You Should See A Quiet Place

Even if you don't like horror movies

I'm going to do my best to write this without spoilers. And if you're a person who already wanted to see this movie, then you shouldn't read this. It's much better to go in with little information and base your experience off of your experience alone, and not reviews or articles. But if you're just curious or on the edge of deciding whether or not to it, read on!

Yes, it was a horror movie, but the gore was very limited and the little gore in the movie was necessary and didn't seem excessive. So if that's something holding you back don't worry about it. The horror in this movie was all suspense, something that would keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

This movie wasn't just about the horror aspect (I'm not going to tell you what the horror aspect was because that would be a huge spoiler and you might already know what it is from commercials) it was about love, family, forgiveness, guilt, being a parent, and being a child. It was about fear and protection and what lengths you go to for your family. It was relatable and the story it told was more than about monsters or a serial killer with a chainsaw.

John Krasinski, an actor you might know as Jim from The Office, wrote, directed, and stared in A Quiet Place. While he practically cast himself, and his wife Emily Blunt cast herself as his wife in the film, I honestly cannot think of another pair of actors who could bring this story to life the same way Krasinski and Blunt did.

The part that stood out the most to me, as, far as casting goes, was Krasinski. His expressive puppy dog eyes gave him a specific disposition. With everything Krasinkski did on screen it was never unclear that it was with kindness, compassion, and love. This was not a character hardened by the world, not at least in the cliche sense.

The children cast in this film are great, and not at all the bad child actors we've come to know in other movies. The plot included the children too, they weren't just background characters they had their own plots that intersected with the parents. Basically what I'm trying to say is- it was a multifaceted movie with multifaceted characters.

It wasn't predictable at all. I truly had no idea what to expect. This goes back to the suspense aspect of this movie, but also just the great writing and filmography.

I really recommend you see it and if you can see it in theaters. Watching what was essentially a silent film and knowing that you were sitting in a quiet movie theater and that everyone just as into the film as you was pretty awesome.

This brings me to a piece of advice. Don't bring snacks into the movie. A Quiet Place is a very quiet film, if you could not gather that from the title, and crinkling or slurping will make everyone around you very annoyed. Yes, I'm speaking from personal experience.

Cover Image Credit: http://freestonecountytimesonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Movie-Review-A-Quiet-Place-movie-2018-Emily-Blunt-1094x640.jpg

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