It's been a year (give or take a few days) since my dog went to her forever home.

It's amazing how easily attached we, as humans, can get to a creature that can't even speak to us. We fall in love with this four-legged, bug-eyed, tail-wagging creature and they bring us so much more joy than ever thought possible.

There are some people that don't find that love that having a pet can bring. This is not to say that those without pets are not happy, but they will never experience the certain kind of happiness that comes from having a companion who wants nothing but to please you.

Whether you had your best friend from the time they were born or if you rescued them from a shelter further on in life, that place in your heart nevertheless will forever be occupied by that goofy face that greeted you with nothing but happiness when you got home, even if it was just from getting the mail.

Getting a dog as a child provides a beautiful opportunity to grow up with this goofy little creature. You reach milestones together and if you're lucky, they'll still be home waiting for you when you come home to visit from college.

Dogs are the best listeners. Maybe it's because they can't talk back, or maybe it's because they are these gentle creatures that have this magnificent skill that can read when their person really needs them.

You'd FaceTime home and ask to see their face and laugh as they cocked their head side to side hearing the voice of their human but not being able to see them. You wanted nothing more when you first got home but to wrap them in your arms and not let go, trying to make up for the lost time when you were gone.

There is no love like that love that a dog shows their person. That unconditional, ever loyal, abundant love that this creature has for you, even when you don't feel that worthy.

Losing a best friend is hard, but when that best friend was the most gentle, loving, innocent soul God has ever created, it makes it that much harder.