Lord, Let Them See You In Me
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Lord, Let Them See You In Me

Two-fifths-of-a-second. That is all we get. What do you want yours to be about?

Lord, Let Them See You In Me
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Life is like a movie. Francis Chan, in his book “Crazy Love”, describes it like this…From start to finish, this life that we are living in is obviously about God. We are such a small part of it, more like two-fifths-of-a-second. How can we think that the whole movie is about us?

Recently I was asked how I remember God in my daily life. As a college student, it gets tough. There is a lot to do and it never seems like there is enough time. How can I remember to do even the simple things, like saying thank you? Or the more time committing things, like devotions? How do I live out my day so that God fits in? There are days when I honestly can say that it takes hard work and discipline. There are days when loving God is harder than others. I get so caught up in my own life that I forget that it is not about me. Because if life was a movie, I am no where near being the main character. Actually, my entire life would only be two-fifths-of-a-second of this movie. When I remember this, when I am consciously aware that the short time that I have should be spent intentionally, I wonder why “fitting God in” is even a thing. The whole movie is about Him. Don’t I want my two-fifths-of-a-second to be about the main character?

The important thing to remember is that your two-fifths-of-a-second matter. You matter. The things that you do and say, the way you live your life, is imperative. Don’t think that if God blinks he might happen to miss your small part and therefore it doesn’t really make a difference. God doesn’t blink. Okay, so it may not say that in scripture or anything, but I promise you that he does not miss what you are doing. The same amount of precision that he put into creating the ridges of the mountains he has put into your life. The same way that he cares for the life of a newborn baby he also cares for your “dumb” drama. God has given you an all-access pass to his goodness. All you have to do is give your life to him. That sounds a little excessive, but it actually isn't at all. God created all that is. He knitted us together in our mother’s wombs. He can certainly take care of EVERYTHING better than we can…let Him.

So yeah, life can get busy. I wake up in the morning and get ready for class and live my day just like most of you. Remembering God though, that isn’t the hard part. It’s remembering that my life isn’t actually mine, but His. Here is my advice for those that want to have God as a part of their busy college kid lives; start every day by giving it to God. Start every day by reminding yourself that today is not a day for you to live, but for God to live through you. The rest, the things that we are “supposed” to do as Christians, it will come. It may take some time management and asking God for a lot of help, but I don’t think we should worry as much about what we should do, and instead focus on what we want to do.

What do you WANT to do as a Christian? I want to start a chain reaction. I want people to stop thinking that Christianity is a chore. It is not something that we "do" at all, but it is who we are. It is about who God is. And I want to live for Him. I want my two-fifths-of-a-second to just scream out Jesus’s name. When it comes down to it, in the end, He is all it is about anyway.

Psalm 24:1 ~ "The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it."

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