Recently I Looked Around My Life And Realized That I Am So Extra
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Recently I Looked Around My Life And Realized That I Am So Extra

Fifty books is not a lot.

Recently I Looked Around My Life And Realized That I Am So Extra
Estée Janssens

Being extra is actually something I pride myself on being. I mean, who else do you know who has four different calendars that all basically say the same thing? I don’t even remember who it started but I would totally use the adjective of ‘extra’ to describe myself, and here’s why.

1. Having multiple calendars

Yes, you read that right earlier. I do have four different calendars, and they all basically say the same thing. I have one on my phone that helps me keep up with important dates, appointments, and what my family is doing. Then I have a calendar that sits on my wall, and I put big dates and assignments on there, but I mostly just have it for an aesthetic and to look at the cute pictures of Disney World. Then I have my agenda where I write down all my assignments, important birthdays, and events. The last one I have is just a standard printed calendar I just printed out from Google. I usually only use this one during the summer when my life just gets too crazy and I need it to be laid out and easy to just glance out. I know right.

2. Color Coordinated Shirts

The t-shirts in my closet are color coordinated. I keep all the black clothes on one side, and then it goes from darkest to lightest until it gets to the white ones. It’s not perfect yet because I haven’t messed around with the different shades of some of the colors like blue for instance, but it is getting there.

3. Keeping my fan on high all year round

I don’t care if it is the middle of December or the hottest day of the whole summer, my fan is staying on high all year. I think I just like the noise and the circulation but in my book, I can always put on a sweatshirt or get a blanket if I get cold.

4. Air Freshener Backups

In my room, I have one of those plug in Air Fresheners from Bath and Body Works and I have probably about six or seven backups for it at all times. It’s honestly not my fault because legitimately every time I go to the store they are having a sale, so it’s probably cheaper than just buying like two at a time.

5. Keeping my phone plugged in.

I am totally one of those people that cannot function if my phone dies on me. If I am sitting down at my computer for long periods of time I make sure to bring my charger and plug it in. I honestly get anxious if the battery drops below 70%. And yes, I do love to keep it on low power mode always.

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