Longwood Student's Guide To The New Food Options At Upchurch

Every Longwood Student's Guide To The New Food Options at Upchurch

You can't go wrong with Panda and Starbs in the same meal.

Longwood University

The Longwood University Upchurch center recently had its grand opening on Friday, October 26. The opening of Upchurch provides students with a central area to study, hold club meetings, and participate in campus events held in the new auditoriums. Along with the extra study space, there are game rooms for students to have a fun area to resort to at night, or even better, in between classes. Inside Upchurch, there are four new food options for students to choose from: Panda Express, Au Bon Pain, Farm Grill, and Starbucks.

1. Au Bon Pain

This place Is a popular option with their main menu choices of various sandwich wraps, bagels, and bakery items. The smoothies are also delicious and one of the few smoothie options on campus. The egg sandwiches are delicious, however, these options can be a bit pricey. The typical price of an egg sandwich ranges around five dollars, meanwhile the price of a regular sandwich is around 8 dollars. Overall, I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for healthier options to spend their Bonus Dollars on.

2. Farm Grill

This place is a great new option on campus. First off, the menu includes options such as various gourmet burgers, chicken sandwiches, grilled cheese, and vegetarian options. Overall, the food here is a great dinner option, and one of the few options on campus that serves red meat. The burgers here tend to be a little burnt due to the mass order rush, but if you go at an off time, they are usually prepared better. Another plus is that they except meal exchanges, which you can use your meal swipes on if you are on a meal plan. Overall, I am thrilled they brought this to campus and I think out of all the new options, Farm Grill is where you get your money's worth.

3. Panda Express

Out of all the new options, Panda Express usually has the longest line at dinner time. The food is delicious with the plate option of one entree and a side ranging around seven dollars, however, if you want more food then you should expect to pay around 11 dollars for two main options and one side. This is a great alternative to getting a meal at the dining hall because you can get both chicken and rice, and possibly a vegetable all in one meal. Overall, this was a smart option to bring to campus.

4. Starbucks 

Last but certainly not least, Starbucks. The drinks are overall pretty decent quality for a campus Starbucks. The interior of the building is beautiful. The shop is designed for a social atmosphere with various tables for students to sit at and have discussions and meeting or to just grab a cup of coffee with a friend. Overall, the drinks are prepared well and efficiently, however, the lines tend to run long. So if you plan on going before class, make sure to allow yourself plenty of time.

Happy eating!

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