Things Longwood University Needs To Get Its Act Together On
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11 Things Longwood University Needs To Get Its Act Together On

I love Longwood University, but that doesn't mean I like everything it does.

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Jesse Plichta-Kellar

As much as I love Longwood University, it's got some faults. There are lots of things our university does right: our class sizes, our campus aesthetic (minus construction), and school spirit to name a few. So, if you want to hear more about why LU is great, go to the website or take a tour. I'm here to offer some constructive criticism because there's almost always room for improvement.

1. Our parking situation is a mess.

There never seems to be enough parking spots on the main campus or in the Landings. You can't park on campus before 5PM if you live in the park, and it costs too much for the pass.

2. The FAB should run on time.

5, 10, 15 minutes late. When it's raining or boiling out, obviously.

3. All the FAB stops should be covered.

Some of them already are. The one by the library is not and absolutely miserable in the rain.

4. Scarves are great. Distribution is not.

Scarves are highkey my favorite tradition. Waiting in an endless line? Not so much. Longwood running out of them? Yeah, no. The freshmen getting wristbands first this year. What is that about?

Maybe, just maaaaaaaaaybe, have more than you need and there won't be this hysteria, you know? Worst comes to worst you have extras to give to alumni or other distinguished folks.

5. What is with the new Greens to Go hours?

There are no weekend hours and weekdays are 11AM-7PM. What am I supposed to eat? D-hall is basically irrelevant to me (I'm a vegetarian).

6. The internet here is subpar.

Pretty self-explanatory for anyone at Longwood.

7. Construction noise is a big thing here.

I understand construction makes noise. But does it have to at 6AM?

8. Construction also takes forever.

It feels like nothing is ever done on time.

9. There's not enough paint at color wars.

More paint to throw, please.

10. There's no seating at Greens to Go anymore.

I'd like to eat my salad sitting down, thanks.

11. The vegetarian options at D-Hall are super limited.

Seriously, what am I supposed to eat?

Overall, I really do love Longwood. I'd just like it better if it could fix these things.

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