When many think of Longwood Gardens, they think of the Christmas lights and festivities that go on during the holiday season. Although that time is a personal favorite to myself and many family members, the gardens are still beautiful and worth visiting in the other seasons. Each season has different plants and flowers in bloom and has plenty to look at and participate in. No matter the age group and expert level on all things botanical, everyone is bound to find something they love at this beautiful garden.

1. The fountain show.

Something about the fountains just feels spectacular and beautiful. They play along to all different music and have multiple shows a day. Adding different heights, colors, and shapes, and sizes add to the fantastic 30-minute shows that are lovable for all age groups.

2. The kid's garden.

Although all of the gardens can be enjoyable for children, this one adds some extra fun to it. Filled with interactive activities for kids, this garden is filled with plenty for children to do. The spaces are more child-sized and there are plenty of hands-on activities for them to use.

3. Meadow garden.

This garden spans a beautiful and extensive 86 acres. Filled with beautiful hiking trails, extensive wildflowers, and the Webb farmhouse, this garden offers a beautiful outdoor experience.

4. Giant lily pads.

Upon first look these appear to be fake, they are just so ginormous. These become a popular attraction come the summer when they are at their full bloom. Intermixed between the lily's are other wonderful water plants.

5. Bonsai trees.

A personal favorite, these mini trees are a sight to behold. They are changed and groomed each season to best represent the weather outside. Go each season to experience them all in their beauty.

6. Garden path.

This feels like something almost out of a storybook. A cute little brick road, surrounded by different plants and flowers of the season. Beautiful lanterns contribute to the mood of the walk making it a walk everyone should take.

7. Bathroom hallway

Yes, this does sound like a particularly bizarre part to enjoy, but when you see it you would then realize why. The hallway is beautifully decorated with plants and flowers. This makes it easier to find the bathroom and a lot more enjoyable to take a bathroom break.