As a person who is very fond of seeing her friends quite often, I will have to admit, not being able to one of my absolute favorite friends is quite difficult for me. Although the experience sucks sometimes, I wouldn't change it for the world.

In this day, it's quite common for people to meet online through forums or social media and to become friends. Whether it's over a common interest, a lucky right swipe, or a sneaky set up from a mutual friend. We find ourselves, more often than not, with a handful of friends which we can't call and tell them "hey come over for dinner tonight".

Although these friends may not always physically be there for you, they will always, in fact, be there for you.

Whether it's using FaceTime to talk about the new love of your life, a phone call while you're at lunch and don't want to eat along, @ing each other on Twitter every single day, or texting each other non-stop because you need them to know everything that's happening.

Long distance friendships, as all, have many hardships.

1. The distance


Sometimes not having your best friend there to have a sleepover or to cry onto makes the nights hard.

2. Texting only goes so far


Constantly clicking your home button to check if your friend has texted you yet or is free for a facetime chat makes time drag incredibly slow and makes you miss them so much more.

3. Missing out on major life events


4. The goodbyes

Leaving hurts so much more than you would imagine...

But there are certainly things that make these friendships worth it!

1. Reuniting

There's no better feeling than running up to that person at an airport or having them show up at your door after so so long.

2. Facetime/Phone call dates for DAYS

It's just SO nice to have someone willing to watch you cook spaghetti and rant about the newest Harry Styles drama every night.

3. Having an outsider's opinion


Asking the same group of friends for their opinion every time you need one, you often end up with the same answers. It's nice to have a different idea for things when you need it!

4. You're reminded of how lucky you are


Because it doesn't matter if they're in Pennsylvania and you're in Georgia, they will never stop loving you; no matter the distance. You trust them with your secrets, your obsessions, and your most embarrassing moments. They are honest and faithful and the most trustworthy people you know, and you wouldn't trade them for the world.