Since I went back home during the winter break, My family decided that they would come to visit me over the summer and that we would go on a vacation after that.

Unfortunately, my father did not have the time to come on a long vacation and we decided that we would meet him wherever we were planning on going for our vacation.

We then decided to go to London and that my dad would meet us there.

All I can say is that from the minute I landed in London to the minute I left it I experienced a myriad of emotions that took me on a rollercoaster ride that I would never forget!

I fell in love with the city, was amazed and was even bored but nothing can ever change my first ever experience of this magical "royal city"

From the moment I landed in London and got out of the airport, the city felt familiar. I dont know whether it was the fact that people were driving on the "right-hand side" of the road (which is what I grew up with) or the fact that almost everything about it reminded me of Mumbai but I knew that the next 15 days were going to be familiar, fun and yet something that I had never imagined.

Soon my family and I began doing the touristy things and at that point I was amazed. I fell in love with the "old architecture" mixed with the modern city vibe.

I loved navigating the city in the tube, walking and figuring out which way to go to the tourist attractions and loved exploring the city with my family.

while the tube was scary at first, my dad and I managed to learn the routes and even figured out what route took us where. It was another thing we bonded and fought over and I would not want to change another thing.

The city reminded me so much of Mumbai (my hometown) that I began feeling homesick. But more importantly, it taught me to value things.

I began valuing the time I spent with my family which albeit short was amazing and memorable. It taught me the value every place has and moreover even the impact every city leaves in you. for I was in London but I missed Mumbai more than anything

but more importantly, it taught me to accept everything as it came and to figure out my own happy place wherever I was.